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Latest News

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  • It is magpie breeding season and swooping will be at its peak this September.

    Magpies nest in bushland, parks, open spaces and grass areas with tall trees.

    Only a small percentage of magpies swoop, but male magpies swoop, screech and clap their beaks at those they deem threatening in order to defend their eggs or newly-hatched young, usually within 50m from their nesting site.

    Swooping only lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, up until their young become fledglings and leave the nest.

    How to avoid being swooped at:

    • Avoid known nesting areas and take alternative routes while cycling or walking.
    • Wear a wide brim hat, sunglasses and carry an umbrella. You can attach googly eyes to the back of your hat and on your umbrella too, as they’re less likely to swoop if they think you’re looking at them.
    • Travel in groups, as magpies are more likely to swoop at individuals.
    • If you’re cycling, wear a helmet and sunglasses, try to walk your bike instead of riding it while passing nesting sites, and attach a bike flag.
    • Attach cable ties to your helmet if riding a bike or skateboard to keep magpies at a distance while swooping.
    • Avoid harassing or provoking magpies as this will only encourage their aggression. Magpies are protected throughout NSW, and it is against the law to kill the birds, collect their eggs, or harm their young,
    • Don’t stop by a nesting area, keep moving forward.

    For more information click here

    Magpie standing on cable

  • Active Transport Link

    The walking and riding path, also known as an active transport link, has been delivered by Transport for New South Wales as part of the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 project. The 5.7km path features multiple access points between Boundary Road in Carlingford and Tramway Avenue in Parramatta; as well as bike racks, seating, water stations, journey maps, signs, and motion-sensor LED lighting.

    The route also provides some of the best scenic views of Western Sydney. For the first time, pedestrians and bike riders will be able to travel over James Ruse Drive using the new Bidgee Bidgee Bridge in Rosehill.

    The path will also connect people to future transport options, including the Alfred Street bridge link over Parramatta River, Alfred Street Cycleway and the 91-kilometre Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link.

    Please visit the TfNSW website to check the latest route updates before using the shared path.

    Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 connects Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, and is expected to commence passenger services in 2024.

Learn to Ride

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Below are the adult free learn to ride sessions:

  • Old Toongabbie (Binalong Park, 15 to 24 April)
  • Carlingford (Carlingford Light Rail Stop courtyard, with PLR operator consent, 6 – 27 April)
  • Silverwater (Parramatta Bike Hub, 4 to 25 May)

Local cycling network

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Greater Parramatta has an extensive cycleways network of cycleways:

  • Two Transit-ways (T-ways) to the North-West and Liverpool both include shared pedestrian and cycle paths offering a good route to Liverpool via Wetherill Park, and Windsor to Westmead.
  • M4 Path links Wentworthville to Sydney Olympic Park and Wentworth Point via Auburn, Granville and Parramatta.
  • Parramatta to Liverpool Rail Trail is nearly 17km long and runs parallel to the railway line through Merrylands, Yennora and Fairfield to Liverpool.
  • Prospect Creek Cycleway or Pipeline Cycleway ride along dedicated paths out to Prospect Reservoir. Feeling adventurous? Go on a round trip and do both! Start at either Guildford or Fairfield Train Stations and follow the paths to the west.
  • Parramatta Park a favourite training ground of local riders, roughly half the size of Centennial Park.

For printed map email your request to: or call us on 02 9806 5632.

New cycleway projects

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Alfred Street Bridge

A new pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Parramatta River at Alfred Street, Rosehill. Please see the project page for the latest updates.

Alfred Street Cycleway Stage 1

A new bike path is being progressively delivered between Parramatta Road and the Paramatta River in Rosehill. The new traffic lights over Parramatta Road and the section between Gray Street and Eleanor Street are open. Parramatta Road to Gray and Noller Parade to George Street are under construction. Eleanor Street to Oak Street is planned to complete construction before the middle of 2024 with the balance to follow once funding is secured.

Epping to Carlingford Cycleway

A community nominated project to improve cycling connectivity between Epping and Carlingford and extend the Parramatta Light Rail “Active Transport Link” beyond Carlingford. The project is now complete.

Escarpment Boardwalk

A new River level link between Rangihou Reserve and Charles Street Weir in the CBD, it is open for public use.

Milson Park Path

In partnership with Sydney Water a new shared pedestrian and cyclist path along Finlaysons Creek between Darcy Road and Mons Road. It is currently under construction and is planned to open mid 2023.

Get Involved

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Get Involved

Active Transport Advisory Committee

Council has a Active Transport Advisory Committee that meets every two months to provide advice to Council on cycling related matters.

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Cycling tips

Practical tips and things to remember when riding a bike.

    • Wear an approved bike helmet
    • A bike must have at least one working brake and either a bell or horn
    • At night, a bike must have a steady or flashing white light at the front and, at the rear, a steady or flashing red light and red reflector
    • Your bike is a vehicle: failing to obey road or bike rules may result in a fine
    • Avoiding hazards
    • Be seen – wear bright visible clothing
    • Be predictable
    • Assertively take your space on the road
    • Ride out from opening car doors
    • Your rights as a cyclist
    • Occupy a whole lane
    • At 60km/hour or lower, vehicles must pass cyclists with a minimum of 1m
    • At 60km/hour or over, the minimum distance is 1.5m
    • Ride two abreast, no more than 1.5m apart
    • Travel on footpath only where indicated by signs
    • Travel in bus lanes and transit lanes, except for bus only lanes
    • Ride on the footpath if you are less than 16 years old (or an adult accompanying a child under 16)
    • Travel to the front of a line of traffic on the left hand side
    • Turn right from the left lane of a multi-lane roundabout

Cycling data

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Council collects continuous pedestrian and cyclist data at many sites across the LGA.

Counts are updated monthly, but please note that due to site conditions counters may cease to report data for periods of time.

Parramatta Bike Plan

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The Parramatta Bike Plan guides the delivery of cycling infrastructure and programs in the City of Parramatta.


The Bike Plan’s vision is:

  • To improve the productivity and liveability of Parramatta through:
    • an increase in cycling
    • helping foster healthy and connected residents, workers and visitors
  • For cycling to be safe, and perceived as a safe and attractive option for all members of the community, for those aged 8 through to 80
  • To increase the proportion of people cycling in Parramatta to 5% of all trips to work, and 10% for those ending in the CBD.


Parking your bike

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Need to leave your bike and want to find it on your return? You shouldn't need to use this many locks.

Use one or two strong, good quality locks, with at least one lock around the bike frame. Where possible lock the bike to a bike park hoop. Bike park hoops may be found using the car and bike park finder below.

Secure bike storage (Back to top)

Secure bike storage
  • Parramatta Station free secure bike shed

    A free, secure bike shed for 50 bikes has recently been opened near Parramatta Station.

    Other lockers

    Individual bike lockers are also available at Parramatta Wharf, Rydalmere Wharf and near Parramatta train station.

    Get access and register Opal card
  • There are over 40 secure bike parking spaces in two city centre locations:

    • Eat Street Car Park (Erby Place)
    • City Centre Car Park (Horwood Place)

    Each site has:

    • secure bike storage area
    • lockers for personal items
    • change rooms with showers
    • swipe card access
    • 24-hour CCTV monitoring

    Membership is $20 per month and offers:

    • 24-hour access to secure bike parking cage, change rooms and lockers
    • 24-hour surveillance in the bike storage area
    • Member only swipe card access to change rooms and bike storage areas


    Call Secure on 9633 1863 or visit the office in either car park.

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