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Sustainable Transport

Active transport

What is active transport?

“Active transport relates to physical activity undertaken as a means of transport. It includes travel by foot, bicycle and other non-motorised vehicles. Use of public transport is also included in the definition as it often involves some walking or cycling to pick-up and from drop-off points. Active transport does not include walking, cycling or other physical activity that is undertaken for recreation.”

(Be Active Australia: A Framework for Health Sector Action for Physical Activity 2005-2010)

Local, state and federal governments all work together to create environments conducive to active transport, particularly through the provision of infrastructure, planning and development.

Local governments also participate in advocacy to improve active transport, partnerships with local health organisations and implementation of awareness programs to increase participation in active transport.

Through identifying strategic walk and cycle networks, other key interventions and addressing key barriers that deter people from walking and cycling, a council can create an environment and culture that encourages a walking-friendly, cycling-friendly and public transport-friendly municipality.

Council plans and strategies

The following plans and strategies are helping Council to improve active transport within the municipality:

  • Parramatta bike plan outlines future cycling network plans, education initiatives and behaviour change policies.
  • Parramatta CBD pedestrian strategy was developed to provide safe, accessible and simple CBD pedestrian journeys.
  • Parramatta Ways walking strategy identifies ways to improve walkability across Parramatta through a network of green streets, open space and connections to local centres.
  • Connecting centres program outlines a combination of connectivity works between local centres and green spaces


The flat surrounds and connected cycleways of Parramatta's CBD and suburbs make it the perfect place to get around by bike


As you walk along many of Parramatta’s pathways you can also step back in time as well as enjoy the green space of street trees, parks and natural areas.

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