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Sustainable Transport

Why is this important?

Our community has identified transport, congestion and getting around as one of its top three concerns, and we are committed to improving it in a sustainable way.

68% of trips made in the local government area were by car. 88% of our transport emissions are from cars.

The existing Parramatta Valley Cycleway demonstrates a strong case for the value of high-quality active transport infrastructure.

The City of Parramatta is planning to deliver sustainable transport infrastructure through the release of the Parramatta Bike Plan, CBD Pedestrian Strategy and the Parramatta Ways Walking Strategy.

The City is also supporting major public transport projects including the State led Parramatta Light Rail and the Sydney Metro West to provide an integrated transport network consisting of both active and public transport options.

Image of passengers at a train station platform about to get onto a train that has just arrived.

It’s not just about getting cars off the road; it’s also about our choice of vehicle. This means increasing the number of low carbon cars like electric vehicles and building appropriate infrastructure to support their use.


10% of trips made by walking and cycling by 2038

What we’re already doing

  • Developed the Parramatta Bike Plan outlining future cycling network plans, education, behaviour change policies
  • Developed the Parramatta CBD Pedestrian Strategy to provide safe, accessible and simple CBD pedestrian journeys
  • Developed the Parramatta Ways Walking Strategy to improve walkability across Parramatta through a network of green streets, open space and connections to local centres
  • Delivering the Connecting Centres program which includes a combination of connectivity works between local centres and green spaces
  • Undertook the Parramatta Light Rail feasibility study
  • Completed the CBD Strategic Transport Study
  • Developed the Draft CBD Public Car Parking Strategy to support economic activity in CBD without contributing to congestion

Our Actions (1-4 years)

  • Support implementation of the Parramatta Bike Plan
  • Support implementation of the Parramatta Ways Walking Strategy
  • Support Stage 1 – Parramatta Light Rail to ensure active transport connects and provides high quality amenity
  • Develop an Integrated Transport Plan
  • Review planning and development controls for car share, electric vehicle and active transport facilities
  • Advocate for major public transport initiatives such as Sydney Metro West rail link

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