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Why is this important?

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Here in the City of Parramatta and Western Sydney, we’re really feeling the heat. The City currently experiences over 15 days each year above 35oC.

Extreme heat impacts the health of our community as well as businesses and natural environment in many ways as the diagram below shows:

We have the opportunity to use the City’s assets, such as the river and green spaces to ensure people can cool down on hot days. We can also use direct measures, such as street tree planting and water features in our public places, to give community relief from the heat.

These actions ultimately aim to improve liveability and to prioritise protection for people and communities.

Our goal

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Here at the City of Parramatta Council, we are aiming to improve liveability by cooling the city and protecting people and communities from heat stress.

What we’re already doing

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  • Reintroduced swimming to Lake Parramatta in 2015
  • Developing urban heat design guidelines to promote best practice design and development measures to reduce urban heat
  • Planting around 1,000 trees annually through the City of Trees program
  • Working with our neighbouring Council’s Western Sydney Region of Council’s and Western Sydney Local District health to tackle the urban heat issue

Our actions (1-4 years)

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  • Protect, enhance and increase our existing bushland, parks and green spaces
  • Continue to deliver the Cool Parramatta initiative, which promotes cool and safe places for our community to go during extreme heat
  • Investigate planning and development controls to help reduce urban heat
  • Undertake a baseline study and determine monitoring approaches to measure progress
  • Develop a Community Resilience Plan and incorporate info Council’s Disaster Management Plan
  • Continue to build partnerships and innovation to tackle Western Sydney heat
  • Improve public and community space design to reduce summer heat by incorporating shade structures, drinking fountains, water features and by capturing rainwater to irrigate trees and plants and cool public spaces
  • Encourage and promote green infrastructure such as green roofs and walls and water sensitive urban design

For more information

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