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Off-Leash Areas

Dan Mahoney Off Leash Dog Park
In response to the NSW Government’s staged easing of COVID-19 restrictions, City of Parramatta will begin reopening playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and skate parks in a staged process from today (15 May).  Visit City of Parramatta's COVID-19 webpage for the latest information. 

While pets can bring joy, fun and enrichment into the lives of City residents, proper dog ownership requires responsibility. It is vital to walk and exercise pets. Regular off-leash exercise helps relieve pet boredom and release pent up energy when dogs are confined to small areas. Exercising and walking your dog can aid in the reduction of nuisance behaviour like uncontrolled barking.

The City of Parramatta recognises the need for public open spaces as private backyards and garden spaces decrease. Off-leash parks allow both dogs and owners alike the ability to mingle and meet in convenient, safe areas.

City rangers are actively working with the community to promote the principles of responsible dog ownership whilst using public park facilities. However, it is the responsibility of all park users and dog owners to control their dogs and to clean up after them using the facilities provided.

City of Parramatta has installed clear signage in public parks and provides dog litter bag dispensers and bins at all of our designated off-leash parks. Please practice courteous clean-up in these shared spaces.

Take your pooch out to one of the off-leash parks and spaces listed below. You can also view Off-Leash Areas on a larger map.

Do's and Don'ts - Looking after your dog responsibly in public Download our guide now.

Barnett Park, Winston Hills

Features: Dog Off Leash Area 

Burlington Memorial Park, Northmead

Features: Dog Off Leash Area Picnic Facilities  

Cowells Lane Reserve, Ermington

Features: Off Street Parking Dog Off Leash Area Playground Outdoor Exercise Stations  

George Kendall Riverside Park (Fenced Area Only), Ermington

Features: Off Street Parking Dog Off Leash Area Playground Outdoor Exercise Stations Sporting Field Picnic Facilities Tennis Courts

Dan Mahoney Reserve, North Parramatta

Features: Dog Off Leash Area  

Deakin Park, Silverwater

Features: Dog Off Leash Area PlaygroundPicnic Facilities 

Don Moore Reserve, North Rocks

Features: Dog Off Leash Area Playground Tennis Courts  

McCoy Park (Basin Only), Toongabbie

Features: Off Street Parking Dog Off Leash Area Playground Sporting Field  

Pierre De Coubertin Park, Newington 

Features: Dog Off Leash Area Playground