Personal Training

Personal Training

Reach Your Goals Faster

The PAC has an experienced team of Personal Trainers on hand to support our members on their fitness journey. Whether you’re just beginning to exercise, want a fresh approach to push your training further, or need help to bounce back from injury into full fitness, our team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

  • Accountability/ Achieving results – Ensure you are not only attending every gym session but be sure you are completing the right types of exercises and pushing yourself hard enough to get the desired results. 
  • Technique guidance – Trainers will show you how to do each exercise safely and efficiently to minimise risk of injury and maximum results.
  • Specific Exercise Programming – Not your standard generic programming, gain insights into how to structure your workouts to achieve your goals faster!
  • Education – Learn about the different ways to exercise and build up your fitness knowledge and confidence so you can eventually do it on your own.
  • Goal Specific – Focus in on your goals. These can include weight loss, fat loss, hypertrophy, injury management, event specific training or just general fitness. 

Upon joining the PAC, you can book into an induction session with our fitness professionals. This session will cover your health and fitness goals and a program on how to achieve your goals; safe use of equipment will also be covered.

There are a few different options available for members to utilise the guidance and support of our Personal Trainers at the PAC.

One-on-one Sessions are available for either 30-minute or 1 hour duration.

  • 30-minutes - $50.00
  • 1 hour - $75.00

Small Group Training for 2-4 participants are available for either 30-minute or 1 hour duration.

  • 30-minutes - $40.00 per person
  • 1 hour - $68.00 per person

Multi-pack and Direct Debit discounts are also available.

Members can choose 30-minute or 60-minute sessions depending on requirements, speak to a personal trainer for more information on the best type of session for you. 

Personal Training Clients at the PAC must be a minimum age is 16 unless otherwise authorised by health and wellness management. 

Yes. Membership is required or a casual entry for Personal Training Sessions to be completed.

All payments for Personal Training are in advance of making your booking. 24h hours’ notice is required for all cancellations, or the full session will be charged. Cancellation must be made through the member app or directly to your trainer through the contact provided. 

If you have a trainer in mind that you would like to work with, please let us know when you enquire.

All members are required to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire prior to their first workout. It is the responsibility of the participant to advise staff of any serious or pre-existing injuries or medical conditions before exercising.

Nutritional basics as can be provided by Personal Trainers as a guide; however, our personal trainers all have different specialist qualifications. It is best to speak to a member of our team to find out more information on staff specialties that may be of interest to you and your health and wellness goals.

Some Personal Trainers have different qualifications and specialties, ask the gym staff for advice on the right trainer for your needs.

Personal Training Enquiry Form

Interested in booking in with one of our personal trainers to help reach your fitness goals? Please complete the online form and one of the PAC team will be in touch to discuss.
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