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Disability access and inclusion

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Under the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014, all NSW local councils are required to develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAPs). DIAPs outline the practical steps that local councils will take to drive inclusion for people with disability within their community. DIAPs are to be reviewed and renewed on a four-year cycle.

The NSW Government has defined four (4) themes, or focus areas, to provide structure for local council DIAP planning and communication, summarised as: 

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating liveable communities
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment
  • Improving access to information and services through better systems and processes.

For more details on requirements for action planning, as well as the four focus areas, visit the NSW Government’s Disability Inclusion Action Plans webpages.

The City of Parramatta’s first Disability Inclusion Action plan was developed in 2017 and renewed in 2022, following an extension granted by the NSW Government due to the impacts of COVID-19.


City of Parramatta’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan, 2022-2026

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Plan Development: To develop the current Disability Inclusion Action Plan, 2022-2026, Council undertook extensive community consultation, both externally with the wider community and internally with Council staff and Councillors. These consultations identified community priorities in relation to the four focus areas, and assisted in defining actions Council can take to contribute to meaningful change in the community and organisation.

2023 Plan Review and Outcomes Framework: Over 2023, Council conducted a detailed review of the Plan, and new actions have been identified. Key Performance Indicators have also been developed to track progress and measure success in relation to the aims of each action. Council also delivered on our commitment to develop an Outcomes Framework for the Plan. This Framework identifies the positive changes Council actions seek to create in the community. Council is developing Key Performance Indicators for each outcome to assist in measuring Plan’s success in terms of the desired changes in the community.

A short illustrated and narrated film explaining the Plan and Outcomes Framework is available below.

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DIAP Update – 2023 Highlights

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Since the commencement of the first DIAP in 2017, Council has demonstrated commitment to creating meaningful change for people with disability and this has continued through the current Plan. Clear actions linked to meaningful outcomes have been developed, and progress is being made on delivering these actions according to the Plan. Key achievements under the four focus areas over the past year are listed below.

Progress Against the Delivery Plan, All Actions, 30 December 2023

table with year and figures


Focus Area 1: Developing Positive Community Attitudes and Behaviours

  • Council is working with Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) to increase understanding of Autism and to create Autism friendly spaces and services, with community and staff education sessions, environmental assessments, and assistance with resource development.
  • Flashpoint Labs have been contracted for a photography project to increase Council’s image stock showing people with disability participating in the local community, to be used widely across all Council communications and improve representation of our diverse community.
  • Auslan interpreted Story Time sessions for children at the Library are being integrated into library programming. 
  • Parramatta Aquatic Centre is working to raise knowledge and confidence in people with disability to access Centre facilities and programs by providing opportunities for free trials and identifying quiet spaces and times for people who may struggle with sensory overload.


Focus Area 2: Creating Liveable Communities

  • Three digital wayfinding kiosks have been installed in the Parramatta CBD, improving access for the sight impaired.
  • Consideration for quiet spaces is being trialled as standard practice in open space planning and design, to provide retreats from sensory overload.
  • An Access Audit has been completed for all playgrounds across the Parramatta Local Government Area, and Council is developing an accessible playground framework that will inform planning for upgrade works and new playgrounds.


Focus Area 3: Supporting Access to Meaningful Employment

  • Membership of the Australian Network on Disability has continued, supporting access employment related resources, policy assistance and education opportunities for staff involved in recruitment for Council.
  • Council is working with the Australian Network on Disability to develop a Workplace Adjustment Policy within the current financial year.
  • A partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) has seen Council provide work experience opportunities for people with Autism. 


Focus Area 4: Improving Access to Information & Services through Improved Systems and Processes 

  • Council’s NDIS Coordination service is trialling a record keeping system structured around a best practice framework and developed in-house, to track and demonstrate progress towards client personal goals and in addressing barriers in accessing supports.
  • Council is increasing the option for making verbal submissions across community consultation processes calling for public submissions.


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