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How to join the Library

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Library membership is free and is open to anyone, even if you don't live within the City of Parramatta.

To join the library, you will complete the online form. This gives you an Online Membership with access to digital resources.

For full membership, visit any of the City of Parramatta Libraries with identification that shows both your name and current NSW residential address (e.g. driver’s licence).

If you are under 16, your parent or guardian will need to provide their identification and a Medicare card showing their relationship.

Library Membership

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Full Membership gives you access to:

  • Borrow items from any City of Parramatta library
  • Renew loaned items
  • Reserve items
  • Make suggestions for items for the Library to purchase
  • Access digital collections and online databases
  • Use PC facilities provided at all libraries
  • Use printing and scanning services


How many items can you borrow?

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We have a wide range of print and digital resources that are available for loan. 

You can borrow a maximum of 40 items for 3 weeks. 

iPads are also available for loan at all branches. iPads can't be reserved.


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You can renew your items twice, if they are not already overdue, by visiting your local library,  through the Online Library Catalogue or in the App.

Items cannot be renewed if someone else has reserved them.

Reservations and inter-library loans

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You can reserve Library items on the Online Library Catalogue or with staff assistance. These reservations are free and you will receive a notice when you can collect the item from your nominated Library.

Inter-library loans

You can request resources from other Australian libraries via inter-library loans.

There is a small, non-refundable fee for this service and there is a limit of 3 inter-library loans per person at any one time.


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All borrowed items have a due date that they must be returned by.

While you have overdue items on your card you cannot borrow further materials or access digital resources.

Return chutes are available 24/7 at all City of Parramatta Libraries. Only items borrowed within the City of Parramatta Library Service can be returned to our libraries.

If items are not overdue they may be renewed through the Library App or the Online Library Catalogue.


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Conditions of Membership

As a Library member you agree to:

  • always treat Council officers and other customers with respect and courtesy;
  • treat Library facilities, equipment, and collections with due care;
  • participate in programs and activities in a spirit of co-operation; and
  • follow appropriate directions given by Council officers, including directions to leave the Library.
  • comply with the conditions of the Copyright Act 1968.
  • notify us if you change your name or address 

Lost or stolen cards

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If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the Library immediately. A replacement card can be obtained for a small fee upon showing identification.

Membership cards are non-transferable and remain the property of the library.

Lost or damaged items

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Where borrowed items are lost, stolen or damaged, members may be charged the applicable replacement cost plus processing fees as per Councils’ schedule of fees and charges. 

Your right to privacy

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Application for Library membership requires you to provide personal information.

Any personal information provided by you will be used by City of Parramatta or its agents to process this application. The provision of this information is voluntary, however, without it your application cannot be processed.

Once you have provided your information to City of Parramatta you can access the information and it may also be available to third parties in accordance with City of Parramatta's Access to Information Policy.

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