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James Hardie Legacy Sites



2023-2024 Planned Works

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  • Excelsior Reserve – Stage 1 construction works now scheduled to commence in December 2023 / January 2024 (date subject to final design approvals / availability of required materials)
  • Excelsior Reserve – Stage 2 design commenced
  • Dan Mahoney – Design work continued
  • James Ruse Reserve – Soil investigations and if necessary, interim works to restore grass coverage.
  • FS Garside – Works to implement the North Granville Community facilities masterplan (including capping of affected soils) expected to be completed within 23/24 financial year.  

2022 James Hardie Legacy Assessment

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other NSW government agencies have worked with Council to re-assess the inferred location, extent, and status of sites contaminated with legacy asbestos. These sites are where it is believed former manufacturer James Hardie Industries disposed of asbestos waste materials as landfill between the 1950s and 1970s.

Based on multiple lines of evidence, 50 sites have been identified as being affected by legacy asbestos. These sites include many individual residential properties as well as open space parkland, and commercial/industrial properties within the Parramatta Local Government Area.

2022 findings and assessment report

The findings of the program are presented in the Legacy asbestos fill sites in NSW – Assessment Update 2022 (PDF 251KB).  

The 2022 assessment report supersedes the James Hardie Asbestos Waste Contamination Legacy Summary Project Report, released by the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) in April 2010

For more information:

To learn more about the EPA’s recent assessment work and for more information on the report, please visit the EPA website Legacy asbestos fill sites (

If you are concerned your property may be in an affected area or, you’re concerned about the management of legacy asbestos on your property, please call the Environment Protection Authority on 131 555.

Identification of James Hardie Legacy sites within the Parramatta Local Government Area

In 2009 and 2010, the then Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) released a report identifying approximately 27 sites within the Parramatta area as locations where asbestos waste, produced by James Hardie Industries, may have been disposed.

The report largely suggested that the material present at these sites was remnant fibro sheeting, and that the material would remain low-risk if undisturbed.

In 2016, Council commissioned its own testing at one of the sites identified in the DECCW report. This testing found significant quantities of friable asbestos at shallow depths and altered the understanding of the risk associated with these sites.

As a result of Council’s test findings, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) initiated a reassessment of the original report. The NSW Government has since funded testing of residential sites suspected to be affected by asbestos and a new report is in development.

Acting proactively, City of Parramatta has commissioned its own testing of Council-owned or managed parks, reserves, and lands identified in the DECCW report.

In 2017, varying quantities and forms of asbestos were found within the soil at test locations, triggering additional testing and a risk-based prioritised works program.

Contact the project team

For more information on James Hardie Legacy sites within the Parramatta Local Government Area please contact Council’s James Hardie Legacy sites project team on 02 9806 5050.


Previous Years Planned Works (Back to top)

Previous Years Planned Works


      • Experiment Farm – Stage 2 of footpath works and capping of affected areas of the reserve.  This will complete all necessary works at Experiment Farm - see Experiment Farm for more detail.
      • Excelsior Reserve – Design and construction of Stage 1, capping of affected areas of the upper embankment and access track.
      • FS Garside – Works anticipated via the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan – see Participate Parramatta for more detail.
    • Works planned for 2021 include:

      • Experiment Farm – Treatment of eastern area of Parkes Street footpath and finalisation of designs for treatment of Experiment Farm Reserve
      • Barton Park – Completion of 2020 works program, including revisions to improve drainage and capping of remaining affected mound areas
      • Excelsior Reserve – Further investigation into extent of asbestos materials in this location, with interim treatments to render to the site safe while permanent works are planned.
    • Works planned for 2020 include:

      • Experiment Farm - further testing and the design of permanent treatments
      • Dan Mahoney Reserve - community consultation regarding remediation and potential upgrades and managing interim treatments including returfing and temporary fencing
      • Ponds Creek Reserve North - permanent treatment of affected sections of Ponds Creek Reserve North
      • Barton Park - permanent treatment works including landscaping and a new footpath.
    • Treatment works are currently proposed in the following locations in 2019:

      • Barton Park/PH Jeffery reserve
        • landscaping works including improvements to footpaths and car parking along Gladstone St
      • Experiment Farm
        • archaeological and heritage studies
      • Dan Mahoney Reserve
        • design and procurement of remediation plan for this site to improve or replace to existing capping layer.

      For more information contact the project team 02 9806 5050.

    • In late 2018, Council contracted environmental testing at Dan Mahoney Reserve, Dundas Park and Doyle Ground. The site of the water playground at Dundas Park was not part of the suspected landfill site and no asbestos was found during the construction of the playground.

      Air monitoring was carried out before, during and after testing at all sites and none of the park sites or neighbouring areas recorded airborne asbestos at any point.

      At times environmental testing including soil sampling may cause some degree of disruption to facilities or services and concern within the community. However, it is important work that is conducted with the highest degree of health and environmental protection precautions – including air monitoring before, during, and after testing – to ensure public safety.

      It is this testing, and the resulting laboratory reports, which allow City of Parramatta to plan for the ongoing safe management of these sites including future maintenance works in our parks and public spaces. Council will enact any precautionary measures including temporary closures where appropriate to ensure the immediate safety of the sites and on receipt of final reports will undertake scoping work to achieve long-term remediation of the site where required.

      City of Parramatta will continue to take proactive action to address all identified and potential asbestos-related issues.

      Current Status of 2018 Tested Sites

      • Barton Park and PH Jeffery Reserve, North Parramatta
        Following environmental testing, Council acted on specialist recommendations, closed parts of the site and undertook a $2m+ remediation program. The works included the installation of a geotextile barrier layer and 500mm of clean soil capping. During the 12-month program, additional upgrades included laying new sports-grade turf on the soccer field and extensive landscaping. New footpaths, drainage and irrigation systems were also installed. Areas of the park which had been closed for works re-opened in December 2018.
      • Swann Reserve, Parramatta
        Council commissioned environmental testing and on receipt of the report closed the site to undertake a $400k+ excavation and remediation program. Works included installation of a geotextile barrier layer and 300mm of clean soil capping across the entire site. Upgrades included the installation of a shared cycle/pedestrian path to connect to the existing cycleway in the area. Swann Reserve was re-opened in 2018.
      • Ruse Street Reserve, Harris Park
        Council commissioned testing and acted on specialist advice to close the site and undertake remediation to the Reserve and neighbouring nature strips and footpaths. A $450k+ works program included installation of a geotextile barrier layer and 300mm of clean fill across the reserve. Other park upgrades included improved pedestrian access, new fencing and landscaping treatments, and new turf. The reserve was re-opened in 2018.

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