IHAP Panel Members

At the Council meeting on 8 August 2016, the following members were appointed to IHAP for a period of three years.

The Hon. David Lloyd QC (Chair)

David is a former judge of the Land and Environment Court of NSW (1997 - 2010), former acting judge of the Supreme Court of NSW (2005 – 2006), and an acting Judge of the Land and Environment Court (since 2012). David is currently also the Chair of the Lane Cove IHAP.

Mary-LynNe Taylor (Deputy Chair)

Mary-Lynne is a practising solicitor with Bartier Perry. She is a University of Sydney Arts/Law degree graduate as well as an Honorary Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute.

Mary-Lynne is an adjunct professor of Architecture at the University of Sydney in Urban and Regional Planning and has taught Planning and Heritage Law for many years. In addition, she has initiated and chaired a diverse range of planning panels in areas such as Liverpool, Fairfield, Waverley, Warringah, Ryde, Port Macquarie and Wollongong.

Mary-Lynne was a member of the NSW Heritage Council for eight years, rising to Deputy Chair and the Chair of the approvals committee.  She is also Chair of the Sydney West JRPP.

Anne Smith

Anne is an educator with qualifications in special education. Anne was a long term resident of NSW country towns and villages before returning to Sydney in 2007. An advocate for disabilities, public education, future generations and connected communities, Anne is an explorer of Sydney by foot, kayak and public transport.

David Johnson

David is an independent environment consultant with over 30 years experience in the field. He has qualifications in environmental science, geography and geology. David is currently a member of NSW Planning and Assessment Commission and is a member of the Lane Cove IHAP and a former commissioner of the Land and Environment Court.

Deborah Sutherland

Deborah is a highly experienced strategic land use planner with over 30 years of successful planning experience in Sydney. Deborah has run her own planning and urban design company and worked in a number of senior leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. She is also highly experienced and qualified in community engagement.

Helen Deegan

Helen has over 25 years of professional experience in strategic and urban planning stemming from a background in property development within NSW. She has both private and public sector experience, and has worked for state government, large development focused businesses and private planning consultancies.

In her current role, Helen leads a diverse team of planners, urban designers and environmental specialists to achieve outcomes that will add value to both clients and the community.

Helen is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia and currently chairs a philanthropic, independent girls school board.

Ian Stapleton

Ian is an experienced heritage architect with over 35 years expertise in both the public and private sectors. Ian has served on heritage advisory groups and development approvals panels for a number of councils. He also holds qualifications in environmental law.

Michael Mason

Michael has over 20 years local government experience and has held a number of senior leadership roles at councils across the Sydney metropolitan area. He has qualifications in both environmental science and planning and is a member of the Australian Planners Institute.

Noni Ruker

Noni is an urban designer with an architectural background and has been actively involved in urban design in NSW for over 15 years. She currently holds a number of senior positions including Urban Design Adviser to Sydney Motorway Corporation and Urban Design/Architecture expert on the Canterbury-Bankstown IHAP panel.

Robert Hussey

Robert is a former commissioner of the Land and Environment Court, completing three terms (serving a total of 21 years). He has qualifications in engineering and planning and is an accredited mediator. Robert has worked in senior planning and engineering roles in both the private and public sector.

Sabrina Caldalano

Sabrina currently lives and works in the City of Parramatta LGA and has resided in Western Sydney for all of her life. She has a long history of engagement with a diverse range of communities in Western Sydney and has pursued this interest both personally and in her professional life. Sabrina is a qualified social worker, is currently completing her law degree, and works as a social policy consultant.

Stella Whittaker

Stella has over 30 years experience working across sustainability strategy development, liveable cities, environmental planning, infrastructure sustainability and sustainability reporting. She is the Asia Pacific Practice Leader for Climate Resilience in Ramboll Environ and is currently Team Leader for an ADB project on Financing Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Infrastructure in Asian and Pacific Cities (ADB TA8865). 

As Senior Executive for Sustainability and Climate Change, Stella has led the delivery of strategic advisory work for both public and private sector clients in sustainability, low carbon and climate risk and resilience. Stella was the Vice Chair of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Stakeholder Council and Chair of the Australian GRI Focal Point 2008-2014 and is a leading CSR specialist.

Prior to joining Ramboll, Stella was the Director of Environmental Policy in the NSW and Victorian State Governments and Director of the Environment Division at Hornsby Shire Council.

Tony Reed

Tony is a highly qualified public sector engineer and senior manager with extensive experience in local government in both metropolitan and regional NSW. Tony has also held senior positions in State Government and State Utilities. During his career, Tony has been responsible for the design, construction and operation of some significant infrastructure projects. He is also a member of the Management Committee of the NSW Roads and Transport Directorate.