At City of Parramatta we have changed the way we advertise Requests for Quotations (RFQs), Invitations to Tenders (ITTs) and Expressions of Interest (EOIs). All notifications and receipt responses for RFQs, ITTs and EOIs are now available online through Tenderlink. Hard copies will still be available from our Customer Service Centre but we encourage you to take the sustainable alternative.

  • register your details and establish profiles to automatically receive relevant tenders, quotations and expressions of interest as they become available 
  • view tenders online and receive them via email
  • access tender documentation directly from the website
  • post requests for further information or seek clarification on aspects of a tender online and receive replies back via email (up until 48 hours prior to closing of the tender)
  • receive addendums and other information issued on current tenders 
  • respond to tenders via the Electronic Tender Box rather than having to travel to Council's offices to lodge tender responses.

This system speeds up the tendering cycle, has a full audit trail and reduces the time and costs for both City of Parramatta and suppliers.


In accordance with Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges for tenders, there is a download fee for documentation should you wish to participate. Fees are indicated when you access tender from Tenderlink.

How to register

Register with City of Parramatta as a supplier and receive City of Parramatta tenders, quotations and expressions of interest:

  • register with Tenderlink for a user name and password
  • log into Tenderlink 
  • select the relevant industry categories and refine the types of notifications you would like to receive

We believe the processes put in place will ensure that no person or business is disadvantaged in their access to opportunities for work with City of Parramatta and will result in significant cost and time savings for the City and its suppliers.

tenders received

ITT 1 2017 - Safety Barrier upgrades for multi level carparks.pdf
ITT 47 2016 - Environmental Construction.pdf
ITT 44 2016 - Westmead Cycleway.pdf
ITT 43 2016 - Waste Collection and Resource Recovery.pdf
ITT 42 2016 - Environmental Restoration Works.pdf
ITT 41 2016 - Bells Road Neighbourhood Centre Upgrade.pdf
ITT 39 2016 - Parramatta Flood Information System.pdf
ITT 38 2016 - Levee Remediation Works - Peter Parade - Old Toongabbie.pdf
ITT 37 2016 - ROC Solar Panels.pdf
ITT 36 2016 - Cowells Lane Reserve Ermington - Creek Restoration Works.pdf
ITT 35 2016 - Cleansing Services.pdf
ITT 34 2016 - Isabella & Brabyn Sts - North Parramatta - Roundabout Construction.pdf 
ITT 32 2016 - Albert & O'Connell Sts - Traffic Control Signals Upgrade & Kerb Ramps.pdf
ITT 29 2016 - 5PS Archaeologist.pdf 
ITT 28 2016 - Design Consultancy Service - Pedestrian Cyclist Bridge between Morton & Alfred Sts.pdf 
ITT 25 2016 - Concrete Supply.pdf
ITT 22 2016 - 5PS Facade Engineer.pdf 
ITT 18 2016 - Interior Design Consultant - 5PS.pdf
ITT 7 2016 - Event Management Services.pdf

Contact Tenderlink 
d: Tenderlink for Support
p: 1800 233 533​​​​