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Civic Program and Citizenship

Citizen of the Year Awards 2022

City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards

The City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards recognise the outstanding achievement and excellence of local community members and highlight the importance of service to the Australian nation. These awards are part of Council's Australia Day program, and provide a great opportunity to celebrate local heroes for the contribution they deliver to our community. 

The Citizen of the Year award categories are:

Citizen of the Year:

A person who has made a noteworthy contribution to the City of Parramatta in any of the below age groups

  • Young Citizen of the Year in honour of David Shakespeare OAM: 16 - 30 years
  • Citizen of the Year: 31-64 years
  • Senior Citizen of the Year: 65 years and over

Note: the age of the nominee must fall into the applicable category as of 26 January 2022. Selection of Citizen of the Year Award recipients will take into consideration activities in the year prior to January 2022, in addition to past and future activities.

Community Group Award:

A local group or organisation, which has provided an outstanding contribution to the City of Parramatta community. This includes projects and events.

Note: The Community Group Award must be for a group, project or activity which has contributed to the City of Parramatta in the 24 months prior to January 2022.


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Nominations are now closed for the City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards 2022!

Congratulations all the nominees of the Citizen of the Year Awards 2022. Being nominated for an Award is a great honour and it is an opportunity for the community to pay tribute to neighbours, friends or colleagues who make them proud to be an Australian.

Award winners will be announced in January as part of City of Parramatta’s Australia Day celebrations.

Judging Panel Expression of Interest

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Expressions of Interest in voluntary Membership of the 2022 City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards Judging Panel have now closed.

The purpose of the City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards program is to acknowledge outstanding individuals and groups who have made a valuable contribution to the City of Parramatta. The City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards Judging Panel is responsible for the review, assessment, and selection of City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Award recipients for each of the categories.

Expressions of interest in volunteer Membership of the 2022 City of Parramatta Citizen of the Year Awards Judging Panel have now closed. 

Past Award Winners

Award Winners 2021
  • In 2020, Antonio was an HSC student at Redeemer Baptist School. While studying, he participated in a number of his school’s Drama Club productions, helped build a community shelter for local Aboriginal families and young people in Kempsey, and continued to serve his local parish. Recently, Antonio was awarded the 2020 Young Scientist of the Year Award by the Science Teachers Association of NSW, recognising his research into the Sand Fairy cicada. Antonio rediscovered this rare, threatened species in Sydney for the first time in 100 years and became the first person to document a number of its behaviours.


    Junior Citizen of the Year – Antonio Rajaratnam
  • Elise makes a valuable contribution to our local community through volunteer roles with Meals on Wheels and the Starlight Foundation, as well as through her work as a youth outreach and inclusion coordinator at the Y NSW. Elise leads local youth programs, including outreach for young people dealing with homelessness, mental health issues or those who have come to the attention of the police. Elise’s passion for and involvement in a variety of programs enables her to empower, inspire and support young people, contributing to a safe and inclusive environment regardless of sexuality, gender and expression. This leads to skill development, leadership and active participation in our community and brings long-term benefits to the individuals involved and our community as a whole. 


    Young Adult Citizen of the Year – Elise Kellett
  • Major Ian Carter is a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and mental health support for our local community. In addition to a number of other activities, Ian shares his experiences and actively contributes to the development of initiatives that aim to reduce the stigma around mental health and improve treatment and awareness. Ian, a Major in the Australian Army, has been awarded the Commendation for Brave Conduct and has presented the ADF Long Tan Youth and Leadership Award at more than 30 local schools. Following the COVID-19 restrictions, Ian adapted and overcame to deliver four back-to-back presentations for ADF Officer Cadets, demonstrating resilience and tenacity to the future leaders and defenders of our nation.

    Adult Citizen of the Year – Ian Carter
  • Heather is the coordinator of the Epping Branch of the War Widows Guild of Australia and has been an affiliate member of Epping RSL sub-Branch for a number of years. At age 93, Heather makes weekly visits to members of the veteran community in Epping and beyond, often by public transport, to check on their wellbeing. Heather is also active in the welfare programs of the sub-Branch, and enthusiastically participates in Commemorative Services throughout the year and is said to truly epitomise the ideals comprised in the spirit of ANZAC – service above self.

    Senior Citizen of the Year – Heather Gillam
  • For more than 45 years, Meals Plus has been a valuable and inclusive service for those in Parramatta who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Operating with three full-time staff and a group of volunteers, Meals Plus provides a number of services, including more than 46,000 meals last financial year, as well as essential items, welfare service referrals, and laundry and shower facilities. During the pandemic, Meals Plus adapted with takeaway and delivered meals, along with a telephone welfare service. 


    Community Group Award – Meals Plus
  • Diane has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years. In addition to her position as clinical nurse consultant neurosciences at Westmead Hospital and numerous representative roles, Diane has voluntarily dedicated her spare time to assisting patients with counselling and welfare services. Diane is the co-founder and facilitator of Neuro Oncology Information Network (NOgIN), which provides education and support for patients and their families to help reduce the physical and emotional impact associated with the diagnosis of brain cancer and improve quality of life. Diane’s dedication to this important initiative demonstrates her passion for caring for others in the community.


    Humanity Award – Diane Lear
  • Paul is the coordinator of Parramatta Mission’s Meals Plus program and regularly goes above and beyond to ensure everyone in the community is cared for with dignity and respect. Among other supporting activities, Paul connects our local community to a number of services, meals and facilities at all hours of the day and night. At the beginning of the pandemic, Paul worked quickly to ensure necessary procedures were in place, converting sit-down meals to takeaway, and ensuring that more than 150 people each day continued to access what they required. Paul also provides great support and leadership to the program’s volunteers, encouraging them in their service.


    Community Service Award – Paul Mouss
  • Since January 2020, the Westmead Hospital Clinic Team’s commitment to our community has meant that hundreds of thousands of patients have been, and continue to be, tested and assessed quickly and safely during the global pandemic. Westmead Hospital has been at the forefront of screening patients and, although presented with a new disease, the staff at Westmead demonstrated vision and leadership to quickly create a new service to manage COVID-19 using well-exercised principals of infection control and prevention. The team has gone out of their way to ensure all visitors are treated with care and dignity with minimum distress and discomfort.


    Leadership Award – Westmead Hospital Covid-19 Clinic Team

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For more information, please feel free to contact our Citizen of the Year Awards team at or by calling 02 9806 5000.