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Over 55s activities, ageing & wellness

Person centred and wellness model training

The quality of a service all comes down to how it is structured and delivered. The City of Parramatta offers services via a Person Centred Approach (PCA) and Wellness Model.

PCA and wellness models

The PCA and Wellness models are evidence based and embrace Social Role Valorisation (SRV) research, which underpins how services can best be provided to vulnerable people.

This enables us to deliver outcomes to assist people to obtain the good things in life including:

  • family
  • home
  • friends
  • safety
  • security
  • good health
  • respect
  • being treated as an individual
  • active participation, and
  • having their contributions valued.

It also allows staff to make informed evidence-based changes to improve our service.

Take another look – a journey towards person centred and wellness models

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In 2012, to commemorate and celebrate our 20 years anniversary, we published a book on our journey with implementing the person centred approach using Social Role Valorisation (SRV) principals as our underpinning research.

The book includes case stories, financial comparisons of the new model versus the traditional model and staff testimonials.

Influencing the sector

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Recently City of Parramatta Community Care staff spoke at a national conference on the global epidemic of Loneliness and the impacts it has on the health and wellbeing of individuals, and the importance on how services are delivered.

Bronwyn's story

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Bronwyn has been on a journey. In 2011, the Learning and Leisure Centre acquired 2 computers and a volunteer was trained to teach basic computer skills. Bronwyn was there!

After gaining some confidence in her ability Bronwyn progressed to using the computers in the library. She then saved for, and purchased, her own laptop computer after doing some research on prices and the best model for her. While saving for the computer she continued to use the library to develop her skills and being with others who were studying inspired her to register for a computer course at the local TAFE. Despite feeling challenged, she completed the course.

When Bronwyn purchased her laptop computer we matched her with a volunteer to support her to set it up. Bronwyn now has a Facebook page and communicates via email and Twitter. Bronwyn lives independently in the community, working in a Business Service Enterprise. She joined the Peer Support group in 1998 to enable her to attend activities with her peers. It was whilst working with Bronwyn that the Social Inclusion team discovered her interest in using technology.

Bronwyn’s other interest is horse racing. She follows the horses and jockeys on Facebook and Twitter and, occasionally, she takes herself to Rosehill Racecourse on Saturdays. We matched Bronwyn with a volunteer who also shares an interest in horses. “Having Juliana to go to the races with is great because I have someone to talk to, someone who likes the outdoor life like I do. If I didn't have her to go with I wouldn't go so often."

Bronwyn continues to gain confidence in her abilities and feels good about herself -this is helping to reduce her anxiety and she is discovering the ‘good things in life’.

“I learnt a lot from the volunteers who taught me about computers and how to use technology.”

I work behind the scenes for Community Care and I first bumped into Bronwyn in the office in 2013 – it was a quick passing with little eye contact and nothing much said. In 2015 we moved into a new open office plan building and one day I looked over to see, who I assumed was a new volunteer, dressed up and telling a story to three others who were all engaged and laughing. I was wrong, it wasn’t a new volunteer, it was Bronwyn and I cannot communicate just how amazed I was at the transformation. Bronwyn is a totally different person now. She is engaged, confident, happy and dynamic. People’s untapped potential continues to surprise me and this teams abilities to discover and nurture this is inspiring. They truly change lives.

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