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Community Infrastructure Strategy

The neighbourhoods and CBD of the City of Parramatta are transforming.

Major urban renewal is taking place and changing our area from a low scale suburban centre to Sydney’s Central River City; the centre of services, infrastructure and employment for Western Sydney, where more than half of Sydney’s population lives.

The Community Infrastructure Strategy (CIS) outlines the City of Parramatta’s long-term direction for community infrastructure provision. It focuses on community infrastructure over which Council has primary responsibility, plays a role in delivering, or seeks to advocate for on behalf of the community. The Strategy will be updated at least every 4 years.

The Strategy identifies and assesses existing community infrastructure in the City of Parramatta local government area. This includes Libraries, Community Spaces, Girl Guide and Scout Halls, Subsidised Spaces, Early Childhood Education & Care Centres, Affordable Housing, Community Gardens, Aquatics Facilities, Indoor Recreation Spaces, Play Spaces, Sportsgrounds, and Parks & Outdoor Recreation.

This Strategy applies to our unique and diverse neighbourhoods as well as our CBD, and identifies key opportunities and directions for our 12 high growth areas.

The Strategy

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The Strategy will be used by the City of Parramatta to identify priorities for future community infrastructure and will guide decision making about planning, funding, delivering and negotiating for community infrastructure. 

To view the Strategy online, please use the following links:

  1. Introduction
  2. Libraries
  3. Community Spaces
  4. Girl Guide and Scout Hall Network
  5. Subsidised Spaces
  6. Early Childhood Education & Care Centres
  7. Affordable Housing
  8. Community Gardens
  9. Aquatics Facilities
  10. Indoor Recreation Spaces
  11. Play Space Network
  12. Sportsgrounds
  13. Parks & Outdoor Recreation
  14. High Growth Areas

Further Information

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For more information please email: and include ‘CIS’ in the subject line.

Last updated 9 October 2020

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