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Please note the information on this page does not apply to DA petitions

Petitions in relation to Development Applications need to be submitted via the on-line submissions page. See instructions to submitters on Page 4 of how to lodge a submission.


What is a petition?

A formal written request to City of Parramatta Council seeking action or special consideration of a particular matter, that Council is authorised to determine. 

 A Petition should:

  • be a clear and concise statement that the petitioners wish to bring to the notice of Council;
  • conclude with a request that Council do, or do not do, something or take some course of action;
  • where possible, be clearly written, typed, or printed; and
  • be respectful, and not offensive in its language.


How to submit a petition

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City of Parramatta Council accepts petitions via the mail or online using the form below.

The Chief Petitioner (the person submitting the petition) must ensure that the petition:

  • is signed by at least 10 people (including the Chief Petitioner)
  • is accompanied by a completed Petitions Lodgement form (either electronically through the online form below or by downloading and completing the linked form on this dot point)
    Completed forms can be emailed to or
    mailed to:-

    City of Parramatta Council 
    Attn: Governance
    126 Church Street
    Parramattta NSW 2151

Complete this form to submit an online petition

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What happens after a petition is submitted

All Petitions will be forwarded to the manager responsible for the matter raised in the Petition. They will investigate, consider the matter, and respond to the Chief Petitioner.

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Closed Petitions

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