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Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Council’s Delivery Program, Operational Plan, and Resourcing Strategy work together to translate the overarching vision of the Community Strategic Plan into specific actions.

Delivery Program

Council’s Delivery Program 2018–2021 provides an overview of the core services, activities and projects Council will deliver in order to meet the needs of a changing and growing community, within the resources available under the Resourcing Strategy. 

Operational Plan

Council’s Operational Plan 2019/20 spells out the details of the Delivery Program – it confirms the individual programs, projects and focus areas that will be undertaken each year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program.

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan has been informed by the priorities of the first elected Council of the City of Parramatta and the results of many months of engaging with our communities and partners.

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Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Operational Plan 2019-2020.pdf

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