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Quarterly and Annual Reporting


A key part of being accountable and transparent to our community is to regularly report on:

  • implementation of the Delivery Program strategies, activities and core services
  • completion of focus areas, programs and projects
  • progress towards the achievement of goals established in the Community Strategic Plan
  • financial performance against annual and longer-term budgets. 

Quarterly progress Reports

Quarterly reports help Council and the community monitor the activities detailed in the Delivery Program, provide updated budget estimates and financial performance results.

View the current Quarterly Progress Report.

For older reports, see the Archived reports page.

Annual Report

Each year, Council will publish a summary of its achievements with respect to the implementation of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan and other information that is of community interest, required under the Local Government Act 1993.

View the current Financial Year Annual Report.

End of Term Report 

A further report will be prepared at the end of the Council term, outlining progress made in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over Council’s three-year term of office.

View the last End of Term Report.