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COVID-19: City of Parramatta response

13 Mar 2020

The safety of City of Parramatta’s residents, visitors, students, workers and staff is our top priority, and Council is increasing measures at its public facilities to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the community.


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Parramatta Pulse - Autumn 2020 Edition

5 Mar 2020
Parramatta Pulse Autumn 2020 Edition


Please download the Autumn 2020 Edition of Parramatta Pulse (5.39mb) here. It is also available in Easy English (4.93mb) and Accessible Version (4.87mb)*.  

*Parramatta Pulse has been designed as an accessible PDF that is readable by screen

Indigenous dancers taking part in a traditional ceremony

Celebrate Warami in the City of Parramatta

24 Feb 2020
City of Parramatta will host a number of community events over the coming months as part of a unique Indigenous event program called Warami, a Darug word meaning 'good to see you'. 
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North Rocks Road is now open

14 Feb 2020

Update 12 March 2020: Council is pleased to announce the southbound kerb lane on North Rocks Road near Hunts Creek has been reopened.

North Rocks Road between Church Street and Statham Avenue has reopened today (Friday 14 February) following the

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Severe Weather Affecting Parramatta LGA

9 Feb 2020

A number of areas in the City of Parramatta are continuing to experience heavy rainfall and localised flooding.

City of Parramatta Council teams are working closely with the NSW SES, NSW Police and other agencies to respond to calls for help

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Community Satisfaction Survey

16 Dec 2019

The Community Satisfaction Survey is an annual piece of research designed to measure satisfaction with Council governance, services and facilities amongst residents and businesses in the City of Parramatta, and to measure community perceptions of

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Parramatta Pulse - Summer 2019 Edition

5 Dec 2019
Parramatta Pulse Summer edition 2019 cover


Please download the Summer 2019 Edition of Parramatta Pulse here. It is also available in Easy English and Accessible version*.  

*Parramatta Pulse has been designed as an accessible PDF that is readable by screen reading software.

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Safe Speed Limits

11 Nov 2019
City of Parramatta and Transport for NSW are introducing 40km/h speed limits on roads that have lots of pedestrians on and around them. The maximum speed limit for these roads will be 40km/h at all times.