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Application requirements

Contaminated land

Contaminated land is a site that contains substances that are not expected under natural circumstances and might pose a risk to human health or the environment.

Management of contaminated land

In New South Wales (NSW), management of contaminated land is shared by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and local councils.

When considering development applications (DAs), we must be satisfied that there is no contamination of the land that poses any risk to human health.

If a preliminary site investigation indicates a risk may be present, a detailed site contamination investigation and remediation plan will be required to accompany the DA.

Council officers are available to provide advice on managing contamination during development.

Section 10.7 planning certificates

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All planning certificates issued by Council must specify whether the land is affected by a policy that restricts the use of land due to contamination risk and if Council is aware of any further information relating to the contamination of land.

City of Parramatta may also include advice relating to:

  • a reference to any contamination investigations undertaken on the land
  • a reference to any notifications of remediation
  • any notices or public positive covenants requiring the maintenance of remediation.

You can request access to information held by Council on land contamination by completing the Informal access to information application form.

State Environmental Planning Policy No 55

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Council is required to consider at rezoning and development approval stage, the potential for contamination to adversely affect the suitability of a site for its proposed use.

Land must not be developed if it is unsuitable for a proposed use because it is contaminated and remediation must take place before the land is developed.

If you are considering or planning development in Parramatta read the Contaminated land policy and procedure for detailed information and requirements.

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