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2023 Draft Parramatta Flood Study

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Parramatta does not need access to your property or details about any security arrangements as part of this Flood Study. You will only receive a call from Council if you have requested a phone booking and provided us with your phone number.


2024 Project update

City of Parramatta’s six-week public exhibition of the Draft Parramatta River Flood Study closed on 30 October 2023. The study attracted more than 20,000 page views and we are currently reviewing all contributions.

Some of the feedback received will require in-depth analysis and we are working with our flood specialists for detailed responses to be provided to each contributor. Subject to the extent of the modifications made, it is anticipated that the Draft Parramatta River Flood Study will be presented to Council for endorsement in March 2024.

For more information please see  Participate Parramatta 

2023 Draft Parramatta River Flood Study


The City of Parramatta Council has undertaken a Draft Flood Study which covers a large area of Parramatta. Using the latest flood modelling technology and methodology, the study allows Council, State Emergency Services, and the community to identify the risks from different sized flood events, from small floods up to the largest possible flood.  

On public exhibition until 30 October, the 2023 Draft Parramatta River Flood Study maps flooding not only from the river and creeks but also from ‘overland flow’ – water including that from stormwater systems that moves through the City during and following heavy rain. 


Why are we doing a flood study?

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The NSW Government now requires that local councils manage the risk of flooding within their Local Government Area (LGA).

This project will be the first major update to flood modelling in 20 years and represents a significant change to how flooding within the Parramatta LGA will be understood.

The 2023 Draft Parramatta River Flood Study will increase the accuracy of information around flooding, and identify risks and potential impacts.

Council looks to use the 2023 Draft Flood Study to identify potential hazards and create appropriate planning controls to help reduce the impact of flooding.

Council can also use the study to allocate resources and respond effectively to mitigate flood impacts to help keep our community safe.

Sharing this information with State Emergency Services and residents will help with planning and help our community prepare for flooding.  

Is your home flood-affected?

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The 2023 Draft Flood Study models where water flows in heavy storms, how deep the water can become and how dangerous the flows might be. 

While homeowners will be advised if their property will be subject to planning and development controls in relation to flooding, it is important for all residents to understand their flood risk and to plan for flooding.

Be sure to review the flood model and have your say. Council is looking for feedback via Participate Parramatta.  

Find out more

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Review the 2023 Draft Parramatta River Flood Study, including modelled maps which show different size floods and their impact

Residents who wish to discuss the Flood Study and the modelled impact on their home will be able to pre-book a 15-minute phone meeting or an in-person meeting with Council’s Flood Team.  Note appointments will be essential. To make your booking please visit

For more information, call City of Parramatta on 1300 617 058 and ask for the 2023 Draft Flood Study team or email 

Have Your Say

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Council will also ask residents to provide feedback on the 2023 Draft Flood Study and to share their flood experiences. Submissions including photographs will be welcome until 30 October 2023. To make a submission please visit



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