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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

A great city grows better every day

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy is putting in place the thinking, planning and actions to ensure that the City grows economically, while also creating vibrant, smart, resilient neighbourhoods, and great places to play.

The Strategy focuses on four key themes:


Environmental sustainability strategy framework

Select each key theme above to learn about the environmental priorities, goal for the future, why it is important, what Council is currently doing and what the future actions are.

Each year Council reviews and reports on how the implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy is progressing:


Council’s role in delivering the Strategy

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The four ways the City of Parramatta will help deliver a sustainable future:


Through our actions, and by driving innovative approaches in the built space and natural environment, and in the management of resilience.


For changes in policy and action at different levels of government and industry for community benefit.


With commercial, government and community stakeholders to deal with a broad range of environmental issues.


Of programs, services and policies to achieve positive outcomes for the City.

Sustainability opportunities

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Council offers a range of opportunities for individuals, schools, community and businesses to be more sustainable.

Find out more:

Collaborative projects

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The City of Parramatta works in close collaboration with leading experts, professionals and peak bodies to make sure that our plans for the City meet the current and future needs of our diverse communities.

Defining sustainability

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Our environment defines how we live and what we do. It’s the spaces we play in, and the place we build. It’s how we get around, and the community around us. It’s where we work and where we call home.

Environmental sustainability is maintaining all the things we love about where we live, work and play. It’s about preserving everything that make our City great, even as it grows. It is the landscape on which we seek to grow Australia’s next great city, by bringing together nature, transport and a better built environment for the benefit of all.

For more information

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Contact the Environmental Outcomes Team on 9806 5620 or