Parramatta Community Fund

The Parramatta Community Fund invites you to be part of a local movement for change.  Passionate, like-minded people are coming together to create a better Parramatta.

The model is simple—donations from businesses and residents are pooled together and then distributed as high impact grants to local organisations and community groups. 

Join us on Friday May 24th for the official launch of the Parramatta Community Fund. The event will be at Lachlan’s, Old Government House. To RSVP and for full event details, contact Sharmila Falzon, or 9806 5234.

Background and Purpose of the Fund

The Parramatta Community Fund’s purpose is to support community giving that builds vibrant, inclusive communities. The vision is for a grassroots Philanthropic body that is driven by and responsive to the needs of the community that is based within the Parramatta Local Government Area.

The Parramatta Community Fund (the Fund) was created in June 2016, under the auspices of the Sydney Community Foundation (SCF) as a sub-fund.

The Fund has administrative support and strategic oversight from City of Parramatta Council (Council).  Over the last two years, Council have successfully established the sub-fund, secured seed funding, and recruited a Fundraising Committee.

The Fundraising Committee is comprised of local residents, business owners and our councillors. The committee oversees the everyday operation of the Fund, including its fundraising and grant-making activities.

Giving Circle and Donations

The Fund is building a Giving Circle—that is a network of local donors who want to make a direct impact in the Parramatta Local Government Area.

You are invited to become part of this Giving Circle. Please contact Sharmila Falzon on 9806 5234 or  on how you can participate.

The Fund is also working closely with local businesses to build partnerships that can benefit the Parramatta community. Businesses are invited to join the Giving Circle or offer a one-off donation.

To donate to the Fund, click here 

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

If you want more information please contact Sharmila Falzon on 9806 52634 or

Grant Making

The Fund is currently not distributing grants. Potential grant rounds will be advertised through this website and other social media and traditional media channels.

More Information

The Sydney Community Foundation aims to break the poverty cycle in Sydney. A comprehensive list of all their projects and work can be found here: 

If you have any further questions please contact Sharmila Falzon:
p: 9806 5234

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