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Socially Sustainable Parramatta

Feedback on the years 3-5 action plan has now closed as of 9:00AM on Wednesday 19 August 2020. 
Council will now review the feedback. Thank you to everyone who participated, you can keep updated on this project by visiting this page.

City of Parramatta is transforming. The intensity of growth and investment in the City of Parramatta will create many opportunities for a new and more diverse mix of high quality housing, jobs and infrastructure in a liveable, productive and sustainable City.

We want everyone in our community to benefit from our City’s growth and prosperity.

Many community members experience barriers to participating fully in Parramatta's bright future, including income inequality, high youth unemployment, digital exclusion, lack of access to green and open space, high housing costs, poor physical and mental health status and poor early childhood development outcomes. These issues can negatively impact individual and community wellbeing, and can be intensified if changes in our neighbourhoods are not planned for sustainably.

City of Parramatta recognises that now is the time to take significant strides to shape a future for our City that all people can share in. To ensure that this happens, Council needs a strong framework for social sustainability.

The Framework includes an objective, goals, actions, and values for decision making. To read more, download the Framework in full.


Sharing the Opportunities of Growth for All - Socially Sustainable Parramatta Framework

Sharing the Opportunities of Growth for All – Socially Sustainable Parramatta Framework outlines City of Parramatta’s commitment to putting people first, in response to very significant changes across the City.

The Framework identifies some specific ways that the opportunities of growth can be shared equitably with all people, and acknowledges shared responsibility for social sustainability across all Council teams.

Cities that are committed to social sustainability are resilient, liveable, productive, sustainable places where all people can thrive.

How do we define social sustainability?

A community is socially sustainable when the processes, systems, structures and relationships support our current and future generations to create healthy and liveable communities.

Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and provide a good quality of life for all people.

A socially sustainable community puts people first. Social sustainability is about strengthening the cohesion and wellbeing of our diverse communities to ensure that we can continue to work towards common goals, such as great quality of life, democracy and resilience, no matter what challenges we face. It is about investing in our individual and collective wellbeing, so that all people, including our most vulnerable, can thrive.

Objectives of the framework

In a socially sustainable City of Parramatta, the opportunities of growth are shared equitably with all people.

Goals of the framework

The Framework includes eight long term goals which define what Council wants to achieve as a result of implementing the Framework. Council will work towards these goals in partnership with its community and stakeholders.

In a socially sustainable Parramatta... In partnership, we will...
Children are our future.

Work to ensure every child in Parramatta is healthy, nurtured, happy and will thrive.

Diverse, affordable homes for everyone. Deliver and expand a diverse range of affordable, high quality housing that meet the spectrum of housing needs in the community.
All people can learn, share and grow. Facilitate formal and informal learning opportunities at all ages, to help people improve their circumstances, reach their full potential and share their own knowledge, creativity and culture.
All people can access a job that enables them to live with dignity and security. Secure and retain decent jobs and access to enterprise for all Parramatta residents.
Green, inclusive and safe places to share. Design, build and maintain public spaces and neighbourhoods that are green, safe and inclusive for all.
All people can live healthy, active lives. Improve health outcomes, starting with people experiencing disadvantage in our community.
We trust each other, are welcoming, and feel good about being here together. Facilitate social connections to foster socially and culturally diverse, inclusive and empowered communities.
We lead by example. Improve Council’s policy and practices to enable a more socially sustainable City of Parramatta.

How will we track our progress?

City of Parramatta Council will be tracking its social progress with a comprehensive set of indicators to measure progress being made by Council and community on the Socially Sustainable Parramatta Framework (SSPF). Developed in 2019, the indicator framework includes measures to understand social sustainability from multiple perspectives:

  • Our community (Our City)
  • Experiences of individuals (My Life)
  • Council’s contributions to advancing progress towards the eight goals.

For more information, download the summary document (90 KB PDF) or full report (1.6 MB PDF). 

Contact us

Email us at sociallysustainable@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or contact the Social Outcomes team on (02) 9806 5473.