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Public Property

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Public land

To report overgrown weeds on public land such as roundabouts, contact City of Parramatta on 9806 5000 and relay details of the location. We'll assess the urgency of the work and include it in a maintenance program for completion in accordance with the appropriate priority.

Sewer leaks

Sewer overflows pose a significant risk to public health and the environment.

Defects or overflows from a private sewer line are the responsibility of the property owner where the sewer line is located. If you have a blocked or defective sewer pipe, you should contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. 

Complaints about overflowing or blocked sewer pipes on other properties can be lodged with City of Parramatta. 

If you have a complaint about sewer leaks from properties owned by the NSW Department of Housing (DOH) call 1300 468 746.

If you have a complaint about sewer leaks from the public sewer, call Sydney Water on 13 20 90.

Overland water flow

Drainage and overland water flow occurrence issues are a common concern for residents.

City of Parramatta can issue an Order on the owner or occupier of a premises to take action to control the flow of surface water across their land, if it can be satisfied that other land, or a building on the land or other land, is being damaged or is likely to be damaged as a result of the overflow.

If you have concerns regarding overland water flow from a neighbouring premises, you'll need to submit photographic evidence to City of Parramatta to demonstrate any damage caused to your land or property.

City of Parramatta can only regulate overland water flow that is being caused or exacerbated by the action or inaction of a neighbouring premises. Council cannot regulate water that is caused by natural seepage or water that is flowing into a property due to the downward slope, downward proximity, or development designs of another property.

Contact City of Parramatta

Complaints to City of Parramatta may be made via: