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Microchipping and lifetime registration

Cats and dogs must be microchipped at the time of sale and the transfer of ownership or at 12 weeks of age, whichever comes first.

They also need to be lifetime registered.

This ensures your pet has the best chance of being returned if it is lost.

The City of Parramatta Council offers free microchips and pet tags.

Microchip your pet for free

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If You Love Me, Chip Me

The City of Parramatta Council can microchip your pet for free in the convenience of your home if you live within the Local Government Area.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique 15-digit identification number that is quickly implanted under your pet's skin, between the shoulders.

In the event a pet is lost or stolen, the microchip can be scanned when they are found.

The information on the microchip will then be added to the online NSW Pet Registry. This information is important, as it can be used to help pet owners be reunited with their lost or stolen pets.

Please be advised of the following before submitting a request

  • This service is limited to two (2) Dogs and two (2) Cats per household
  • If you have had a litter of either Dogs or Cats, you will need to arrange for microchipping with your local Vet in conjunction with obtaining their vaccinations and other associated health checks, Council will not be able to assist, in this case
  • Microchipping is only available for Companion Animals as defined under the Companion Animals Act 1998 as Dogs or Cats ONLY
  • This service is not available to Breeders, Rescues, Retail Stores, Corporations or other business entities
  • Council reserves the right to refuse this service at any time"

Register your pet for lifetime registration

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Once your pet is six months old, it also needs to be registered with City of Parramatta Council.

To register your pet, you will need:

  • A certificate of identification
  • A completed Lifetime Registration (R2) Form
  • Proof your pet has been desexed, if applicable (e.g. Certificate of Sterilisation or receipt containing microchip number from a vet or a statutory declaration from a previous owner stating that the cat or dog has been desexed)
  • Any document entitling you to a discount(pensioner concession card, veterans card, registered breeder membership card etc).
  • If claiming the pound or shelter rate, proof of purchase after 29 October 2015 and from an approved rehoming organisation

Here are some of the ways you can register your pet:

Online at the NSW Pet Registry website

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  1. Create a Pet Profile on the NSW Pet Registry
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Claim your pet as their owner
  4. Register your pet and pay the registration fee

In person

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Our Customer Service Centre is located at 126 Church Street, Parramatta, and is open 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Methods of payments accepted by City of Parramatta Council are:

  • cash
  • credit card
  • cheque
  • money order

Email or mail

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You can send the completed documentation accompanied with a cheque, money order or credit card details (with a completed credit card authorisation form) to:

Council will then complete the necessary paperwork on behalf of the NSW Government and forward you a certificate of registration.

Registration fees

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As of 1 July 2023

  • $252 for undesexed dogs
  • $75 for desexed dogs
  • $75 for dogs owned by registered breeders
  • $0 for desexed dogs sold by eligible pound/shelter or an approved rehoming organisation*
  • $32 for desexed dogs owned by pensioner
  • $0 for guide and assistance animals**, working dogs and registered greyhounds
  • $65 for desexed cats or not desexed****
  • $65 for cats owned by registered breeders
  • $0 for desexed cats sold by eligible pound/shelter or an approved rehoming organisation*
  • $32 for desexed cats owned by pensioner
  • $21 Late fee (If registration fee has not been paid 28 days after the date on which the animal is required to be registered)***

*An eligible pound or shelter includes a NSW council pound, the Animal Welfare League NSW, the Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc, the RSPCA NSW or an approved rehoming organisation. This is for dog and cats purchased after 29 October 2015.

**An assistance animal includes guide dogs, a dog trained to assist a person in activities where hearing is required, and any other animal trained by a recognised training organisation to assist a person to alleviate the effect of a disability.

***All dogs and cats are required to be registered before they reach the age of 6 months.

****Owners of cats that are not desexed by 4 months of age will be required to pay an $80 annual permit in addition to the once-off lifetime pet registration fee.

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