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Nappy and Sanitary Rebate

Save money and the environment by using reusable nappies and absorbent hygiene products

Surprisingly, nappies and absorbent hygiene products are the second largest contributor to household garbage waste in the City of Parramatta, with audits showing that by weight, these products make up 9% of the material collected through the red-lidded general waste bin. Second only to food waste which makes up 43%.

The solution? Cloth nappies and reusable hygiene products. They provide great sustainability benefits through being reused multiple times.

Want more information on cloth nappies? Check out the videos below from Nappy Lane with frequently asked questions and help with fitting cloth nappies.





The City of Parramatta Council has provided residents with rebates of up to $150 for the purchase of reusable nappies and sanitary products with proof of purchase. The rebate aims to provide an incentive for residents to trial reusable options – helping to save you money and reduce waste to landfill. 

Rebates are currently closed, but will be readvertised should they re-open.


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