Environmental Strategy

A small creek area with rockery cleaned up

City of Parramatta's Community Strategic Plan Parramatta 2038 sets out the long term vision for our area. Our environmental aim is that Parramatta will be an eco-efficient city that effectively manages and uses the City’s growth to improve and protect the environment.

The rapidly growing population and increasing development in Parramatta requires a shifting focus on the environment. While protection of natural assets remains a priority, strategies to address the efficiency of our built environment and manage environmental risks are also vital to ensuring a prosperous and vibrant city. 

Natural Environment

To improve and protect our natural heritage and systems including the extensive network of parks and bushland reserves with a focus on:

  • waterways rehabilitation
  • biodiversity and bushland management
  • local air quality
  • land and soil management.

Built environment

To invest in and create a low impact and eco-efficient urban environment that supports Parramatta as an area of significant jobs and residential growth with a focus on:

  • efficiency and adaptability of precincts and buildings
  • growth in green jobs and services.

Risks and resilience

To minimise and manage environmental risks, increase resilience and improve recovery times with a focus on:

  • preparation for extreme weather events and/or other extreme events that disrupt food, water, energy or other resource supply
  • identification of risk and putting plans in place to better deal with events when they happen
  • flooding risk.