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Our parks

Pesticide use in Parks and Open Space

Council is committed to providing the best possible quality, safe and usable parks and open space for its community. Where required Council may need to use pesticides to ensure community parks, playgrounds, sporting fields, nature strips, council buildings and surrounds are well maintained and able to meet the community’s needs. Pesticides are used to eliminate or reduce weeds, promote healthier plant growth, and prevent damage from pests such as insects and rodents.

Council is committed to ensuring that pesticide use is justified and that pesticides with the lowest toxicity are applied to achieve the desired outcome.

For more information see Updated Pesticide Use and Notification Plan 2018 | City of Parramatta (


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Date of Application

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*The date of application may change with short notice due to unexpected weather conditions. 


Example of Pesticide Application Notification

Pesticide Application of Notification

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