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What is Heritage?

Heritage Listings

Buildings, structures and places of individual value that have heritage significance are considered heritage items. Heritage listing is a formal recognition that the community wants to keep items for future generations. There are different levels of statutory listing including World, State and Local Heritage items.

Heritage items and conservation areas have been identified through various studies undertaken by the City of Parramatta since the 1990's.

For more information on levels of heritage significance click on the link below:


Level of Listings


Nomination and Removal of a Heritage Item
  • These listings must meet stringent heritage assessment criteria of the NSW Government and generally need to fall into one of the following categories:

    • be historically, aesthetically, scientifically or socially significance
    • be rare and/or connected to historical people
    • be significant in what they represent.
  • Any proposal to remove an item from a heritage list also needs to be stringently tested to show that it no longer meets the assessment criteria. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage provides an online database of heritage inventory sheets for the State and includes information such as a brief history, description of the item, statement of significance and photographs are provided for most heritage properties.

  • The State Heritage Inventory holds information about most statutory protected heritage items in NSW. It includes the State Heritage Register and much more.

    Maintaining the State Heritage Inventory is a requirement of the Heritage Act 1977.

    We maintain information about heritage items on statutory lists and other significant sites also protected under legislation. Collating this information involves working collaboratively with other NSW government agencies, local councils and local Aboriginal land councils.



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