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24-Hour Foyer

Accessing WPCCL's 24-hr foyer

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Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library has a 24-hour foyer that can be accessed by City of Parramatta Library members. This foyer contains a book vending machine and book returns chute for after-hours returns. 

5 Easy Steps to Access the 24-hour foyer, Library Facilities and resources

Request an item for the Book Vending Machine 

  1. Become a library member online HERE and pick up your card from any library within the Parramatta area.
  2. To gain entry to WPCCL after-hours you will need to use your membership card and enter your PIN number (minimum 5 digits) into the keypad located in the main entrance. You will need to make sure your membership card password is set up as a numeric PIN number (numbers only).
  3. If you already have a membership and want to change your password to a PIN number, CLICK HERE, and go to Forgot my PIN.
  4. Once you're set up, scan your membership card at the After Hour Access point to the right of the WPCCL main entrance and enter your PIN number. The after-hours entry doors will automatically open outwards.
  5. You can now access the 24-hour foyer where you can enjoy the book vending machine 24-hours.


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