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Parramatta Square

5 Parramatta Square

5 Parramatta Square will be the home for the people of Parramatta. Anchored next to the historic Town Hall, this high-quality sustainable building will be a place of pride that celebrates our rich culture and unique heritage.

As the new community, cultural, and civic heart, home for ideas, aspirations and expertise, 5 Parramatta Square will be a place to connect, participate and learn. It will deliver world-class community and cultural experiences and provide a permanent home for a significantly enhanced City of Parramatta Library.

With a community focus and strong connection to the public space, 5 Parramatta Square will delight and surprise with its functionality and creativity, drawing people day and night.

A First Look at 5 Parramatta Square

Latest news
  • 5 Parramatta Square has reached an important construction milestone with the final concrete level being poured. When you walk past the site, you will notice that work is progressing on the large steel support structure for the unique building façade.

    The building’s iconic shape is starting to emerge, including the steel cantilever over the historic Parramatta Town Hall. Behind the hoarding and underground, work has commenced to remove the construction formwork from the basement and ground floor.

    In line with the construction timeline, business readiness planning is underway to develop the future operating model for 5 Parramatta Square that will deliver a multi-faceted community, cultural and civic facility for the community.

    5 Parramatta Square will be home to a new state-of-the art library in the heart of the CBD; city welcome and concierge services; community meeting rooms; ground floor café overlooking the public domain; programmable and flexible maker, active wellness, tech and exhibition spaces; an Aboriginal Keeping Place; function and event spaces; and a new Council Chambers.

Features of 5 Parramatta Square

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An artist's impression of 5 Parramatta Square


This multi-purpose six-storey building will represent the City’s civic centre as a place of pride that celebrates our rich culture and unique heritage.

The vision for 5 Parramatta Square is a community and cultural space that will “inspire social connection and foster cultural exchange, create a sense of place and celebrate Parramatta’s evolving identity”.

It will be accessible and offer social connection, lifelong learning and cultural exchange through a variety of multi-functional community spaces.

With an open, flexible layout, filled with natural light, it will offer a range of spaces and activities for the community to meet, lounge, read, collaborate, create and more.

The building will feature: 

  • a world-class public library at the forefront of technology, offering an extensive book collection, digital resources, 24/7 book return facility, study areas, and a permanent home for a significantly enhanced City of Parramatta Library;
  • a Discovery Centre and cultural heritage spaces, including interactive displays and exhibitions, an Aboriginal Keeping Place for local Indigenous objects, a Research Lab and professional services providing access to Council's cultural heritage collection, and cultural programs;
  • a ground-floor foyer (the 'Urban Living Room') with concierge, visitor services, Council customer services and a cafe, as well as spaces for live performances and cultural activities;
  • a multi-coloured digital facade with specially-curated creative content to light up Parramatta Square;
  • community collaboration and creative spaces where the public can create, experiment, study, work, meet, exercise, play, and engage with Maker Space/STEAM programs; and
  • the new City of Parramatta Council Chambers.

What will 5 Parramatta Square look like?

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5 Parramatta Square will be the community, cultural and civic heart of the city. The visually exciting building has a unique shape with an eye-catching tessellated design created by folded insulated metal panels and transparent materials.

Inspired by nature, the exterior design plays with light and shadow producing patterns reminiscent of flower petals. The exterior colour also draws on local flora with copper tones at the base of the building graduating to lighter colours as it reaches toward the sun.

The building design also focuses on environmental performance. It achieves a low reliance on heating and cooling through sustainable design principles. Solar collectors on the roof will generate power, heating and hot water and the design allows for water harvesting. On completion, the building is targeting a 6-Star Green Star Design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

5 Parramatta Square will become a landmark presence in Parramatta Square and beyond that residents, visitors and workers of Parramatta will be proud to access and enjoy.