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City Strategy

Developing your new Community Strategic Plan


We're developing your future Community Strategic Plan and it has now been endorsed by Council.

Based on your feedback, the plan identifies your priorities and aspirations for the next 20 years, and provides a roadmap for how we will get there.

We have developed a new Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Operational Plan 2018/2019, which detail what Council will be doing to achieve this vision.

These have now been adopted by Council.

What we have done

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In 2016, we consulted with over 9,000 community members about your vision and priorities for Parramatta’s future.

In December 2016, the Statement of Vision and Priorities was endorsed by Council, providing a starting point for the City of Parramatta’s first Community Strategic Plan.

In addition, we’ve consulted over 1,000 community members and stakeholders since July 2017 via an online survey and a community workshop. The Big Conversation exploring challenges, opportunities and key priorities for the City's future.

In November 2017, we consulted with over 1,400 community members via a series of pop-up kiosks and an online survey regarding the set of draft strategic objectives and strategies for the Community Strategic Plan.

The overall feedback was that the draft strategic objectives address the range of opportunities and challenges facing the City. Suggested changes were mainly to strengthen or clarify the language and eliminate jargon in the strategies.

We also held a workshop with key stakeholders who will help deliver the strategies.

What we heard

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We’ve heard that you want the City to:

  • Have balanced growth and provide quality infrastructure for Parramatta’s future
  • Address traffic congestion and offer a variety of transport options
  • Celebrate diversity and cultivate a sense of community
  • Support a lively and vibrant CBD and neighbourhoods.

Our approach to engagement

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Our plan's engagement strategy that explains how we are conducting our conversations and communications with the community.

Get in touch

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Community Strategic Plan

If you have any questions you can get in touch at

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

If you have any questions you can get in touch at