Heritage Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are areas where history and elements create a cohesive sense of place that is worth protecting. Elements can include a pattern of subdivision, building style, landscaping and streetscapes.

There are 11 Heritage Conservation Areas in the Parramatta Local Government Area that illustrate phases of Parramatta’s history.

Colonial government town and its early residential growth

  • Experiment Farm Conservation Area
  • Elizabeth Farm Conservation Area 
  • Harris Park West Conservation Area
  • North Parramatta Conservation Area: 1820s onwards
  • Sorrell Street Conservation Area: 1823 onwards

The railway and development of related private residential estates

  • South Parramatta Conservation Area: 1856 - 1960s
  • Granville Civic Conservation Area: 1870s - 1930s
  • Granville Residential Conservation Area: 1870s - 1930s
  • Eastwood/Epping Conservation Area: 1910 - 1950s
  • Wyralla Avenue, Epping: 1910 - 1930s

Housing Commission and the planning and building of estates

  • Blaxcell Estate Conservation Area: 1944