15 Jul 2019

Spring Garden Competition 2019


  • Spring Garden Competition
    Spring Garden Competition
Spring Garden Competition 2019 - Results

Where two gardens in the same category received the same score, a tie was drawn and the prize shared between the two contestants.

The scoring was very close, and many worthy gardeners narrowly missed out on earning a prize, so please do not feel discouraged if you did not receive a prize this year! There is always next year and progress and improvement are taken into account with re-entering contestants.

These results were announced by Cr Prociv on Foundation Day 2 November 2019, at Hambledon Cottage. All contestants were invited, and all prize winners were present to accept their awards.


First Place: Allison Groves from Beecroft

Allison Groves with Cr Prociv
  • A very impressive and detailed garden
  • The structure provided by manicured hedges with seasonal colour behind, and a gently curved gravel driveway providing a soft entry to the property.
  • An asset to the street, and a garden that really complements the architecture of the house.


First Place: Sam Taylor from Epping

Sam Taylor's dad with Cr Prociv
  • This garden epitomises the concept of a small space garden.
  • Sam has created a postage stamp sized Japanese inspired garden in the front courtyard of her villa.
  • In entering the courtyard, the judges felt an immediate sense of calm and coolness.


Equal First Place: Edward and Evelyn Yeow from Carlingford

Edward and Evelyn Yeow with Cr prociv
  • This was a larger garden with Japanese and Chinese influences.
  • The judges were amazed by features including Koi Carp ponds, a raked gravel garden, a manicured mondo-grass entry path and a restful garden pagoda.
  • This garden demonstrates a high level of skill in its design and requires a very high level of maintenance.

Equal First Place also goes to: Cathryn Hantos from Epping

C Hantos with Cr Prociv
  • A beautiful front and back yard with sweeping buffalo lawns surrounded by lush traditional plantings.
  • A well-designed layout, which obscures fence lines and blends seamlessly with the borrowed landscape beyond.


First Place: Linda Mackett from Toongabbie

Linda M with Cr Prociv
  • Linda has used native planting skilfully to frame her manicured lawn areas.
  • A lovely restful garden with framed sitting areas.
  • The garden has expanded since the judges last saw it, virtually doubling in size to include both front and back yards and showing great progress.

EDIBLE GARDEN (two winners)

Equal First Place: Kathleen Gannon from Ermington

Kathleen G with Cr prociv
  • Kathleen’s permaculture garden continues to delight judges who have seen the garden develop and change over the years.
  • It contains a mixture of fruit trees, herbs, berries, salad greens, veges, and ornamentals, and was in fine form this year.

Equal First Place also goes to: Penny Janson - North Rocks

Penny Janson with Cr Prociv
  • Penny started her large food garden in the back yard, but realised she was going to need to move it to the front to take advantage of growing conditions.
  • With chickens, native bees, compost heaps, worm farms, recycled grey water and self-watering raised garden beds, she and her husband have thought of everything.
  • This garden demonstrates great ingenuity.


First Place: Bungaree Community Garden - Toongabbie

  • This community garden sits in Ambrose Hallen Park, cared for by its local Park Committee.
  • Members have recently rebuilt the garden from the ground up, starting with the raised vegetable garden beds, with more works planned.
  • The judges were impressed by the amount of work carried out in a short space of time, as well as the skill and gardening knowledge of members.


*This award was added to the prize pool for a group which scored very highly for its social aspects and community engagement…

Award goes to: The Noller Park Committee - Parramatta

  • This well organised Park Committee is made up of a tight-knit group of local residents.
  • They are friendly and welcoming to new members.
  • They meet in Noller Park for regular working bees and provide a real sense of community pride for their little corner of Parramatta.


First Place: Rydalmere Public School

Rydalmere Public School garden
  • A really lovely and exciting edible school garden
  • Special mention goes to Kellie Darley, a local parent from the school who dedicated many hours of her spare time to rejuvenating and extending an existing garden.
  • The garden contains many fun and quirky elements to engage the students

…Final category to be announced… (last but not least)


First Place: Hambledon Cottage

Hambledon Cottage volunteers with Cr prociv
  • A beautiful hybrid garden using cottage garden elements adapted to climate of Parramatta.
  • The garden at the rear of the cottage is tended entirely by volunteer members of the Parramatta Historical Society.