21 Apr 2017

Draft Parramatta North DCP on exhibition

City of Parramatta Council is encouraging the community to have their say on a new draft Development Control Plan (DCP) that will provide a framework for assessing all future Development Applications (DAs) for the Parramatta North Urban Transformation precinct.

The draft DCP sets out controls relating to design quality, subdivision, the public domain, street network and biodiversity.

It also provides controls for new development relating to the protection and management of significant landscape, archaeology and heritage items, and planning controls to inform the future buildings on the site including the relationship with heritage buildings and landscape.

In response to community feedback Council resolved to double the normal statutory period to 56 days and hold four drop-in sessions for people to ask questions and contribute feedback.

“The draft DCP recognises the importance of the history and the future of the Parramatta North precinct. It aims to support the planning controls in the Local Environmental Plan that don’t adequately recognise the complexities of the Parramatta North site,” City of Parramatta Chief Executive Officer Greg Dyer said.

“The draft DCP provides Council with a framework that is robust enough to respect, recognise and protect the significant heritage assets on this site.”

Council has also received the first DA for the site from UrbanGrowth NSW, which is being exhibited along with the draft DCP.

The DA seeks approval for initial site works including construction of roads, demolition of certain structures and buildings, landscaping and open space works, and subdivision to create the open space and development lots. The application will be determined by the Sydney West Central Planning Panel as it has a value of more than $20 million.

All development for the precinct will also need to be consistent with the Parramatta North Historic Sites Consolidated Conservation Management Plan (the PNHS CMP), which was prepared and endorsed by the Heritage Council of NSW.

Council’s draft DCP was informed by the PNHS CMP, which can also be viewed during the exhibition period as a supporting document.

The draft DCP and development application will be on public exhibition until 13 June 2017 and can be viewed at:

  • City of Parramatta Council’s Administration Building, Ground Floor, 126 Church Street, Parramatta: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Parramatta Central Library, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street, Parramatta
  • Council’s website: cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/on-exhibition

Council will also be holding ‘drop-in’ information sessions at the following times at Jubilee Hall, Parramatta Town Hall. The public will have the opportunity to view the exhibition material and Council staff will be on hand to answer questions.

  • 10:00am – 2:00pm, Thursday 27 April
  • 4:30pm – 7:30pm, Tuesday 2 May
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesday 16 May
  • 4:30pm – 7:30pm, Thursday 18 May

Written submissions will be received until Wednesday 13 June 2017 and should be sent to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Parramatta Council
P.O. Box 32
Parramatta NSW 2124

Attention: Parramatta North Draft DCP or DA/1124/2016

or email: parramattanorth@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au


  • The North Parramatta precinct covers approximately 26 hectares of NSW Government land on the eastern foreshore of Parramatta River opposite Westmead Hospital and Parramatta Park. It is west of O’Connell and Church Streets and north of Parramatta CBD.
  • UrbanGrowth NSW has been appointed by the State Government to deliver the coordination of the redevelopment and transformation of the precinct.
  • The lands at Parramatta North were rezoned via a State Significant Sites process on 20 November 2015 by the (then) Minister for Planning. The rezoning resulted in amendments to the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP 2011) and included changes to the land use zoning, height, floor space ratio, key sites and biodiversity maps and the addition of a design excellence clause.
  • City of Parramatta Council is now the planning authority for the precinct. A draft Parramatta North Special Precinct Development Control Plan (draft DCP) has been prepared for the precinct which provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the PLEP 2011.
  • The majority of the precinct is included on the State Heritage Register and is identified as being of state heritage significance in the PLEP 2011, as part of three separate listings, including the Cumberland District Hospital Group (SHR820), Parramatta Correctional Centre (SHR812) and Norma Parker Correctional Centre (SHR811).
  • The Australian Heritage Council is currently assessing whether the Former Female Factory Precinct, Parramatta should be potentially listed as a National Heritage item. As part of the Australian Heritage Council’s invitation for submissions process, Council at its meeting 14 December 2015, resolved to support the National Heritage listing of the Female Factory and surrounding Cumberland Precinct. Subsequently Council formally wrote to the Australian Heritage Council indicating its support.