18 Apr 2017

Draft Development Control Plan and Development Application DA/1124/2016 for the Parramatta North Urban Transformation Precinct

The exhibition of the draft development control plan (DCP) and development application (Ref DA/1124/2016) relating to land known as Parramatta North Urban Transformation Precinct occurred between 19 April and 13 June 2017.

Council has received a large number of submissions which are currently being reviewed. All submissions received by Council will be considered before a final decision is made on either the draft DCP or development application. Details in relation to the draft DCP and development application are provided below.

Draft Development Control Plan

A site specific draft Development Control Plan (DCP) has been prepared which provides the objectives and controls that will help guide future development in the Parramatta North Urban Transformation Precinct and supports the planning controls in the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011.

The draft DCP includes:

  • General controls to inform the future layout of the site, including design quality, subdivision, the public domain, street network and biodiversity controls;
  • Controls relating to the protection and management of significant landscape, archaeology and built heritage; and
  • Built form controls to inform the future buildings on the site including the relationship with heritage buildings and landscape.

The draft DCP would form an amendment to Part 4 of Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011.

Development Application DA/1124/2016

This application relates to Nos. 1A, 1C, 5A Fleet Street North Parramatta and No. 130 O’Connell Street North Parramatta. This proposal is a staged development application via section 83(B) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. It sets out a concept proposal for the development of the site, plus a detailed proposal for the first stage of that development. The application will be determined by the Sydney West Central Planning Panel.

The concept proposal comprises an overall Indicative Layout Plan and also seeks approval for the allocation of a maximum gross floor area (GFA) to the future development lots. The detailed first stage of development (early works) comprises demolition of certain structures and buildings, site works, tree removal, construction of roads, provision of utility services and stormwater infrastructure, landscaping and public domain works, and subdivision to create open spaces and development lots.

View the development application DA/1124/2016 online via My Development .

For further information in relation to the draft DCP please contact Bianca Lewis, Senior Project Officer Land Use Planning on 9806 5531 or further information in relation to the Development Application, please contact Brad Roeleven, Executive Planner on 9806 5243.