28 Aug 2020

Epping Road Shared Path

Council is proposing a Shared Path on Epping Road to fill in a missing link of the cycling connection between Macquarie Park and Carlingford via Epping.

In 2021 City of Parramatta is proposing to construct a 3.0m wide shared path for the use of pedestrians and cyclists on the southern side of Epping Road, between Pembroke Street and Blaxland Road, Epping.


Written submissions are invited until Monday 28 September 2020, and please include your street address.

Submissions may be made:

Hard copies are also available at the Council libraries in Parramatta and Epping.

Any concerns and comments regarding the proposal will be closely considered and amendments made to the design as appropriate.

The outcomes of consultation and a recommendation will be reported to the Parramatta Traffic Committee in October and then the following Council meeting.

Further information

If you have any comments or enquiries regarding the proposal, please email or contact Council’s Transport Planning Section on 9806 5632.

Attachment list

  1. Epping Road proposed shared path concept plan – east
  2. Epping Road proposed shared path concept plan – west