Active Transport

Throughout September and October 2018, City of Parramatta Council called on the community to help refine plans for alternative transport options between Carlingford and Epping. These projects will improve how commuters move around the area and make it safer for those walking or riding their bikes. Two projects were proposed: 

  • A cycleway connecting Carlingford and Epping town centres
    The cycle route has been designed to cater to cyclists of varying ability. Two options are being considered: a more direct route along Marsden Road for experienced cyclists or a less direct, quieter alternative along Keeler Street for less-experienced cyclists. Some sections of the routes overlap. 
  • Upgrades to a pedestrian route that will connect major parks across Epping
    This route will see improvements made to existing footpaths including additional trees and wayfinding signage, and the creation of new footpaths to complete pedestrian links between parks. The upgrades will connect West Epping Park, Boronia Park, Forest Park and Pembroke Park. 

Residents and commuters were invited to have their say on whether they would prefer to ride along designated or separated cycleway on Marsden Road, or detour via Keeler Street. Council also asked what amenities are needed, such as benches, tress for shade or bubblers.

The community told us that safety and feasibility were important for any improvements to transport links.

Here's what else the community had to say

Active transport infographic