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Business parking scheme

Cars parked on the road

Business parking permits are available in Harris Park Town Centre (Area 1A) for eligible businesses who do not have on-site parking. The permit allows you to park your vehicle conveniently without time limit restrictions and parking charges when you park your vehicle within the designed Business Parking Scheme area. 

If your business has direct frontage to a street section within our Permit Parking Scheme area, you can apply for a maximum of two business parking permits for each business or strata number address (exemptions apply). If your business has one or more off street parking spaces or if the residential premise also operates a business, business parking permits do not apply. 

Permits are only valid for one year from the date of issue and need to be renewed each year. City of Parramatta does not send out renewal letters. It is the responsibility of permit holders to renew permits annually.

Permits must be returned to Council if the vehicle which the permit applies to is disposed of and/or your eligibility or place of business changes.

The permit holder must not lease, license, alienate, dispose of, or permit any other party to hold (for any purpose) any parking space that the permit holder is entitled to hold, or use on the premises.


To apply for a business parking permit you'll need the following details:

The vehicle must:

  • be registered in New South wales
  • not be a truck, bus, caravan or trailer with Gross Vehicle Mass less than 4.5 tonne.

Business owners/principals: If the car is not registered to the business name and address, when applying you'll need to include a letter on authorised company letterhead confirming the nominated vehicle is used by the applicant. 

You'll also need to provide:

  • current ABN Registration Certificate
  • recent utility bill such as:
    • electricity, gas, land phone or rates noticed with the business name and current address
    • a current rental lease agreement issued less than 3 months prior to applying for a Business Parking Permit - for new tenants only
  • proof of employment confirming the applicant is an employee of the business.

Cost of Parking Permits

The cost of the permits are based on the 2017 - 2018 City of Parramatta Fees and Charges and are subject to change. Refunds are not available once a permit has been issued. 

  • A business parking permit costs $32.50.
  • Replacement permits may be obtained for 50% of the full fee. The original permit will be cancelled and a new permit will be issued. 

Displaying your permit

Business Parking Permits must be firmly attached on the bottom left hand side of the front windscreen. The expiry date, Vehicle Registration Number and permit area number must be clearly visible from outside and not within any tinted area. 

How to apply

If you're eligible for a business parking permit, it's easy to apply. You'll need to download the application forms below, complete them, and scan or print them (depending how how you are paying for the permit) and include them with your application with the required documents.

    Credit card only#
  • MAIL
    City of Parramatta
    PO Box 32
    Parramatta NSW 2124
    Cheque, credit card#, money order
    Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
    City of Parramatta
    126 Church Street
    Parramatta NSW 2124 
    Cash, credit card, money order, cheque

#Credit card authorisation form required