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Invest in Parramatta

Colourful render of the public domain in Parramatta Square

Located 25km west of the Sydney CBD, it is a city at the international crossroads of Global Sydney and a 30-minute train ride from Town Hall Station. 

As a geographical, commercial and cultural capital with $28.9b in Gross Regional Product (GRP), Parramatta is a compelling option for businesses looking to access the rapidly expanding Western Sydney economy. Those who have invested in Parramatta over the past two decades have already discovered it to be a dynamic, supportive and cost-effective business environment to grow and expand. 

According to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Parramatta's economic growth is set to almost double over the next five years and the city is on track to become a leading financial hub. The Parramatta 2021 report, commissioned by the City of Parramatta, found the economy of Sydney's dual CBD will grow by $7b by 2021, to $30b.

Parramatta is home to a range of businesses like Deloitte, HSBC, Australian Unity, QBE, AON and KPMG who are already taking advantage of the City's expanding economy.

Parramatta by the numbers

As the Centre of Global Sydney, Parramatta has always played an integral role in shaping Sydney's future and is poised to do so once again.

As the epicentre for significant infrastructure investment across transport, education, health, sport and culture, Parramatta is transforming into a place of growth and long-term prosperity.

  • Population - the Local Government Area (LGA) is home to more than 257,000 people. The area's population is increasing at almost twice the growth rate of NSW (2.44% vs 1.37%)
  • Employment - with over 185,000 people employed, the local population is bucking the ageing population trend and ramping up for future growth (two-thirds of Western Sydney is aged between 15 and 62)  
  • Education - Parramatta is home to Australia's top educational facilities (secondary and tertiary), educating the workforce of tomorrow. A greater proportion of the population (49%) has received a bachelor or higher degree than across Greater Sydney (38%). The City has the perfect working demographic - young and qualified. 
  • Gross Regional Product - the LGA supports a $28.9b economy.  It is the second largest economy in NSW (after Sydney CBD).