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Road Reserve

Before carrying out any works in the Road Reserve you will need permission from City of Parramatta or Roads & Maritime Services

Temporary Road or Footpath Occupancy

If you are carrying out work that does not involve excavation of any surface within the Road Reserve, you need to apply for a Temporary Road Occupancy Permit through our Online Services. Depending on the nature and location of the work, various conditions will apply.

Apply for a road opening permit

Before a permit is issued, you need to complete the Road Opening Application through our Online Services, pay the Application Fee and provide the following information:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Certificate
  • Worksite Details
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Plans or sketch of proposed works

NOTE: Please be aware you may also have to apply for an RMS Road Occupancy License if you are working within 100 meters of traffic signals or on one of the roads listed in the Road Opening Permit Conditions.

Urgent Applications must be submitted before 12pm Monday - Friday (during business days) prior to the date of the Road/Footpath Occupancy.

Road Opening and Temporary Occupancy PERMIT  for excavation of Roads, Footpaths, Kerb and Gutter, or Nature Strip

A Road Opening and Temporary Occupancy Permit is required for all works involving excavation of Roads, Footpaths, Kerb and Gutter, or Nature Strip. The cost for the permit is calculated according to the area and type of surface to be excavated and is the scheduled fee for Council to permanently restore all surfaces once your works are complete.

Unless previously approved in writing, you are not permitted to carry out permanent restoration using your own contractors.


Fees for Temporary Road or Footpath Occupancy and Road Opening Permits are set out in the 2018-19 City of Parramatta Fees and Charges.



For more information on the application process contact Traffic Services on (02) 9806 5050.