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Financial fitness tips

Free financial counselling and coaching services

Financial counselling

Financial counselling is assistance for people currently experiencing, or at-risk-of experiencing, financial problems to help stabilise finances and move toward gaining financial independence. Financial counsellors can analyse and assess your financial situation and give you information about credit and debt issues.

They work with you to develop a plan to improve your situation including:

  • one-on-one budget counselling
  • consumer education
  • help with arranging payment plans to deal with debt.

Free local financial counselling services are provided by Government-funded, non-profit organisations listed below. Further information about financial counselling can be found at Financial Counselling Australia

Financial coaching

Financial Coaching is assistance to help people better manage their money. Coaches can help people review their financial position and create a money plan to pay essential expenses and bills, and develop a stronger savings position. Coaches will can also refer you to financial counselling or other support services where appropriate.

List of services

Services listed below also have other sites around NSW. If you want to find an office outside the areas listed below, we recommend you visit the websites listed:

Salvation Army Moneycare Counselling Services

Appointments by phone

Salvation Army Moneycare Financial Capability and Coaching Services

Appointments by phone

Wesley Financial Counselling Western Sydney

Appointments by phone.

Wesley Financial Counselling – Credit and Debt Hotline

Call the Credit and Debt Hotline (office hours) to speak with a Financial Counsellor. They can assist with general enquiries about financial difficulties.

Phone: 1800 007 007

UCMH Counselling Services

Appointment by phone.

Christian Community Aid Financial Counselling

Contact to make an appointment.