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Corporate Registers

A number of corporate registers are maintained to provide line of sight over Council’s decision making.

Register of Voting on Planning Decisions

The Local Government Act 1993 requires Councils to maintain a register that records which Councillors vote for and vote against each planning decision of the Council.

Planning matters are matters that relate to a development application, an environmental planning instrument, a development control plan or a development contribution plan.

A planning decision is a resolution of the Council or the Local Planning Panel that determines a matter, i.e. approves or refuses a development application or adopts or refuses to adopt a planning instrument or amendment to a planning instrument.

Register of Declarations of Interests at Council Meetings

Councillors are required to declare and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise in matters being considered at meetings of the Council and committees of the Council in accordance with Council’s Code of Conduct.  All declarations of interest raised at Council Meetings and how the conflict of interest was managed is recorded in the minutes of the Council meeting at which the conflict was raised.

Council maintains a register of all declarations of interest at Council Meetings.

Register of Council Decisions

Council, as the governing body, is the decision making authority on matters of legislative, strategic, policy and community importance.  Decisions of the governing body are made at Council Meetings, and the decisions are recorded in the minutes of the Council Meetings.

A full register of Council decisions made at Council Meetings is maintained.