Public Participation at Council Meetings

There is a maximum of 5 minutes allocated to each Public Forum item (which includes the statement, response and/or right of reply), with a maximum of 15 minutes permitted for the entire consideration of Public Forum.

Each Public Forum presentation will be made up of:

  • 3 minutes for the speaker to make their presentation
  • 2 minutes for a response or right of reply by the Chief Executive Officer or nominated officer.

Council will strictly adhere to these limits. You must address your question or issue to the Lord Mayor who may nominate a staff member to respond. 

Questions or statements must relate to general policy matters and must preferably relate to matters listed on the current Council Business Paper. They must not refer to or target political parties or individuals.

Public Forums submissions that have been raised previously within the last 12 months will not be accepted unless there is new information to present.

You can submit a question, comment or statement to the Public Forum Session of Council Meetings if you follow the guidelines below:

  • complete the form below including a full transcript of what you are going to say with your contact details before 4pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting
  • submit your form early to maximise the chance that you will be accepted to speak at the meeting
  • if several speakers are registered to speak on the same topic, speakers may be approached by staff to submit a combined submission.

Public Forums submissions will be confirmed with the speaker by the morning of the Council meeting following consideration being given to the urgency of each of the submissions by the Lord Mayor (or his/her delegate) in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer.

Public Participation at Council Meetings

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