Community Engagement Strategy

The City of Parramatta strives for best-practice community and stakeholder engagement and consultation. 

Our over-arching goal is to involve, engage, listen and be transparent with all of our communities when formulating any policies, programs or activities other than routine administrative matters.

We believe it’s important that the community can see and have a direct on impact on the decisions made by Council to create a stronger, more participative City for all. We value input from the community and stakeholders as it helps us to create good public policy. 

Community engagement also provides the opportunity for Council to understand varied points of view, gather comprehensive information, to make better decisions and to deliver better services. It also increases community understanding and support for the City of Parramatta’s goals, improves transparency and accountability and helps to build trust within the community.

We have developed nine principles to guide and shape our approach to community and stakeholder engagement and these are embodied in our Community Engagement Strategy:

  1. Building Relationships - we act in an honest open and respectful way at all times to build strong relationships, partnerships and trust with our stakeholders.
  2. Right To Be Involved - we believe that our stakeholders have a right to be involved in decisions that affect them.
  3. Clarity Of Purpose - we are clear on why, how and about what we are engaging with our stakeholders.
  4. Accessible And Inclusive - we provide a range of engagement activities to ensure that the broadest possible range of stakeholders have the opportunity to participate.
  5. Timely - we engage in the early stage of our projects and provide sufficient time for stakeholders to provide input.
  6. Tailored - we use a range of engagement and communication methods that suit the purpose of engagement and the range of stakeholders involved.
  7. Coordinated - we collaborate across Council to ensure our engagement activities are coordinated.
  8. Transparent - we make our decisions in an open and transparent way. We provide feedback to our stakeholders explaining our decisions and letting them know how their input has influenced the outcome.
  9. Learning From Practice - we evaluate our engagement activities and learn from the feedback that you provide to us.

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