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Heritage conservation

Heritage assistance and benefits

Heritage advisory service

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Owners of heritage items and properties in conservation area can receive information and advice about:

  • Whether changes to heritage properties require Council approval or works that can be carried out as an exemption.
  • Whether the changes are likely to be supported and in compliance with Council’s controls.
  • Any additional information required to accompany a development application or a heritage minor work application.

Detailed design advice is not part of a pre-lodgement.

Owners are encouraged to consult appropriate professionals and to book a pre-lodgement meeting prior to lodging a Development Application, to meet Council’s planner and subject matter experts.

Book a Pre-lodgement

To book a pre-lodgement meeting, please follow the below link. 

Development application fee assistance

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We may waive development application fees for work on privately owned heritage properties where an application is only required because a property is heritage listed.

Statement of heritage impact

A 10% reduction in application fees may be granted when a statement of heritage impact is required to accompany an application.

Planning incentives

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In certain circumstances, planning controls may be able to be relaxed if a heritage item is protected. For example, it may be possible for Council to give consent for an existing house to be used as small commercial offices or a gallery within a residential area even though the office or gallery may not be a permitted use in the land use zone.

It is important to note that Council will need to be satisfied that the conservation of the heritage item is helped by the granting of consent.

You must also meet a number of other tests, such as showing that the amenity of the area will not be affected by the proposal.

Details of planning concessions are set out in the various local environmental plans.

Heritage NSW

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Heritage NSW has information on some benefits of heritage listing, including possible reductions in Council rates and land tax.

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