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Parramatta Employment Lands Strategy

The Parramatta Employment Land Strategy, which was adopted by City of Parramatta at its meeting of 11 July 2016, provides a consolidated set of land use planning actions and recommendations to guide the future of Parramatta’s Employment Lands Precincts.

“Employment lands” includes all land that is zoned for industry and/or warehouse uses including:

  • manufacturing 
  • transforming and warehousing
  • service and repair trades and industries
  • integrated enterprises with a mix of administration, production, warehousing, research and development
  • urban services and utilities.

For the purposes of this Strategy, “employment lands” includes all land zoned as follows: 

  • IN1 – General Industrial
  • IN2 – Light Industrial
  • IN3 – Heavy Industrial
  • B5 – Business Development
  • B6 – Enterprise Corridor