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Local Strategic Planning Statement

Draft LSPS

The Local Strategic Planning Statement City Plan 2036 sets out a 20-year land use planning vision for the City of Parramatta. It balances the need for housing and economic growth, while also protecting and enhancing housing diversity, heritage and local character. Further, the Local Strategic Planning Statement aims to protect the City’s environmental assets and improve the health and liveability of the City.

Another key function of the Local Strategic Planning Statement is to link the State’s regional planning framework with Council’s local planning framework, as illustrated in the diagram below.

LSPS Flow Diagram

The Local Strategic Planning Statement contains 16 planning priorities under four themes, being:

  1. Local Planning Priorities
  2. Liveability Planning Priorities
  3. Productivity Planning Priorities
  4. Sustainability Planning Priorities

The planning priorities are supported by policy directions and actions – which are short-term (0-2 years), medium-term (2-4 years) and long-term (5 years+) – to guide future changes to the City’s land use planning controls. A copy of Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement, which came into effect on 31 March 2020, is available for download

Feedback received from our community contributed to the preparation of the Local Strategic Planning Statement.

For more information on the feedback received during the exhibition period and how it was considered (including on the Local Housing Strategy and Employment Lands Strategy Review and Update), go to the Community Engagement Report.

You can also head to Council's community engagement platform to review the draft documentation, released as part of the exhibition phase, which is now superseded.

Reviewing the Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Local Strategic Planning Statement is required to be reviewed, revised and publicly exhibited at least every seven years. However, because the City is growing at such a rapid rate, it is intended that the Local Strategic Planning Statement be comprehensively reviewed every four (4) to five (5) years.  In between comprehensive reviews, the Local Strategic Planning Statement may have more frequent out-of-cycle reviews, but these will be interim and limited in their scope. They will be informed by either:

  • a new local strategy prepared by Council; or
  • a plan prepared by the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment or the Greater Sydney Commission.

Further Information

For further information regarding the Local Strategic Planning Statement, please contact Council’s Land Use Planning Team on phone 1300 617 058.