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Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement and Draft Local Housing Strategy

Draft LSPS

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November 2019

To view the supporting documentation as exhibited, visit Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement, Draft Local Housing Strategy

Submissions have now closed for the Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement And Draft Local Housing Strategy as of Monday 11 November 5pm.

Thank you for your participation, we are currently reviewing your feedback and will keep you updated.

For more information please contact the team via email: lsps@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

The Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is Council’s 20-year vision (2016-2036) for land use planning for the City of Parramatta. We are seeking community input into the draft vision, with the aim of working together to decide how we would like to see our city grow; to be a thriving place to live, work and play now and into the future.

Our city vision

“In 20 years, Parramatta will be a bustling, cosmopolitan and vibrant metropolis, the Central City for Greater Sydney. It will be a Smart City that is well connected to the region, surrounded by high quality and diverse residential neighbourhoods with lots of parks and green spaces. It will be innovative and creative and be well supported by strong, productive and competitive employment precincts. It will be a place that people will want to be a part of.”

The population of the City of Parramatta is expected to double over the next two decades. To prepare for this major population growth, Council has developed four Planning Priorities to guide the proposed 20 year vision. These include:

  1. Local planning
    • Housing and jobs are delivered as infrastructure is built
    • Local infrastructure (community facilities, open space and recreation facilities) are delivered to support growing communities
    • Public transport options are expanded
  2. Liveability
    • A greater range of housing types are provided
    • A commitment to increase the availability of affordable rental housing
  3. Productivity
    • Jobs are delivered in line with population growth and industrial land is protected
    • New transport options such as the light rail will make getting in and out of the city easier
  4. Sustainability
    • Areas of environmental importance are protected
    • Heritage is protected
    • Our local identity is preserved.

Draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

To ensure the Draft LSPS addresses future housing supply appropriately, Council has prepared a Draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS). A number of Growth Precincts (either state or Council led) concentrate much of the growth at Camellia, Carter Street, Epping, Granville, Parramatta CBD, Parramatta North, Parramatta East, Melrose Park, Telopea, Wentworth Point and Westmead. These precincts will be the focus of new housing and will align with major transport hubs and infrastructure delivery.

Our housing vision

“Our housing maximises accessibility to the City of Parramatta’s thriving economy so that all benefit while also meeting housing needs and championing innovation, quality design and environmental performance. Our neighbourhoods are welcoming and green—celebrating our past and our diversity.”


Last updated 5PM Monday 11 November 2019