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Internal Ombudsman Shared Service Complaint Form

Generally, the Internal Ombudsman Shared Service will not investigate matters that have not firstly been reviewed or investigated by City of Parramatta, in accordance with Council’s Complaints Handling Policy.

If you have not previously submitted a complaint to Council, we recommend that you submit your complaint for investigation by Council in the first instance by visiting this page.

However, the IOSS may consider matters, prior to Council’s initial review, that we assess to be significantly serious or systemic.

Before making your complaint, you can contact the Internal Ombudsman Shared Service on 02 8757 9044 for advice or assistance, or visit Council’s website for information about the Internal Ombudsman Shared Service.

Complainant details

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The Internal Ombudsman Shared Service will make all reasonable efforts to protect the information from disclosure, however there can be no legislative guarantee. We also note that due to the nature of your complaint, your identity may become apparent as part of this complaint.


Upon clicking on the below ‘SUBMIT FORM’ button, this form together with any attachments will be emailed directly to the Internal Ombudsman Shared Service for the City of Parramatta. Your complaint will be acknowledged within three (3) working days.

Disclosure statement Personal Information contained on this form is collected in accordance with section 8 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). Complaint records will be stored in Council’s Electronic Records Management System and may be disclosed to Councillors, Council officers, consultants to Council or members of the public. Council is obligated to allow inspection of its records, including any application you make in accordance with the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. If you prefer your contact details not to be disclosed, please indicate on this form, however, Council may be compelled to release your information for legislative or judicial reasons.

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