Living with a Disability (18-64 years)

City of Parramatta provides a range of services for people living with disability between the ages of 18 - 64 years, who are eligible for NDIS funding. 

Social Inclusion

Our Social Inclusion Program provides support for people with disability and their carers. The program aims to help you feel more included, connected and valued in our community and builds on your existing skills, strengths, interest and networks.

Working with you individually, our trained volunteers take the time to help you identify a goal and assist you in developing a plan to achieve your goal. We can support you with:

  • reconnecting with family and friends
  • engaging in social activities
  • staying fit and healthy
  • joining a club or group
  • finding and participating in training or education options
  • finding volunteering opportunities.

Our Social Inclusion Program also offers the following group activities:

  • Social support groups offer recreational and social activities to make friends, maintain and enhance social life & independence within the community
  • Bus trips offering half day and full day outings to a variety of destinations
  • Over 55’s leisure and learning activities offer people over the age of 55 years a variety of group health and wellbeing activities. Click here for more information.

Food Services

Our food services provides customers across the Local Government Area (LGA) with nutritious meals who are unable to shop for or prepare their own meals. Meals can be personalised to suit most dietary requirements, are nutritionally balanced and culturally diverse. Click here to learn more about the different food services available.

Carer Support

Carer Support provides support, information, advocacy and counselling to individual and groups over 65 years of age. The group meets monthly and enables carers to support each other, share information, find out about the services available and learn how to deal creatively with the challenges of care giving.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support for Australians under the age of 65 who live with disability that is likely to be permanent and significant with the supports they need to live an ordinary life. If you’re eligible to participate in the scheme, the NDIS will develop a plan with you to help you access the support you need. City of Parramatta is a registered provider for NDIS. We can work with you to manage your package and provide support.

 Your plan will be reviewed over time so you’ll get the right support for as long as you need it and may include:

  • informal support: the care and help you get from your family and friends
  • community support: the activities and services you get from people or groups in your local community
  • mainstream support: the support and services you get from your doctor or school
  • reasonable and necessary funded supports: the supports and services the NDIS can fund. These are things related to your disability that you need to live your life and increase your options such as getting a job or doing more activities in the community.

For more information on your eligibility visit the NDIS website.